This is a win for both of you, the customer gets store credit by commission and you generate a sale. Music @cherylswarlez See the top 318 Streetwear influencers.

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Supreme without a doubt displays the same characteristics of exclusive couture brands; however, their products are fairly simple. jeux video, @joshuajackai, Fashion Blogger Photographer Travel, @cameronglasgow

 @leandromatos, DJs Streetwear, @outfitsavant  @cameronglasgow, Fashion Mind you this isn’t Egyptian cotton or anything, these are the exact same shirts I used to get at my local Target for 3 for $20.

Share the idea with community and who knows, you might become the next 40oz Van. Struggling to get more sales for your brand?

 @mrtyjurelle, Fashion Blogger Kids that have never been exposed to that environment are now living vicariously through Virgil’s clothing line. Join our free community to get

Why Sneakerheads are ruining the sneaker culture?

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Travel  @joshuajackai, Streetwear Fashion Blogger

Anyway – you came here for tips on how to attract more sales and promote your clothing line. – 6 Reasons why your brand isn’t selling


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Accessories, @poseandrepeat Not sure how or where to advertise or promote your brand?


in a specific location? Politics Fashion Lifestyle Photography access to the latest news and resources, DJs Aside from the some lackluster quality hats and questionable customer service, the man knows how to get money. When opening up a store online take into consideration, what merchandise you’re going to have on your shop, what payment methods you are going to accept, inventory management and monthly/yearly fees – but that’s a whole different topic.

Music Referral marketing is … Have you heard of Joel Fuller?

Menswear – Why Sneakerheads are ruining the sneaker culture? Popular Culture One of them is to advertise on Twitter.

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