0000007177 00000 n Had a great time floating down the river in our TUB! We were dropped in at one point about a mile from the outpost and then picked up three miles further, it does not end at the lake like some had hoped. 0000191047 00000 n 0000462226 00000 n

0000004387 00000 n 0000004905 00000 n cooperation with. 0000468198 00000 n 0000430642 00000 n The first day we shuttled from Rockford to Birch Station Access to paddle 12 miles back down to Rockford and the private access of Yadkin River Adventures.

0000307722 00000 n 0000411029 00000 n

The current is not strong and it was prefect even for a four year old and a seventy year old.

Privacy 0000161582 00000 n This section of the river is most flat with small sections of ripple water but had a nice flow and we did 12 miles in a little over 5 hours. 0000241910 00000 n Some in our group managed just fine without them. 1.26   1.1 caww01. 0000160848 00000 n Now, we did use the coolers for our drinks in the tub but unfortunately they sat on them the whole time and did not feel comfortable enough standing up to let us in ;) The river is mostly 3-4 feet deep but some parts are deeper, but they were few and far between. 0000676972 00000 n Het a dry bag for your phone as well! South Atlantic Water Science Center, Alcoa Power 0000161830 00000 n

0000295317 00000 n

Yadkin River trips & Kayak Rentals. Although I have my own kayaks, when I drove up to Kerr Scott Lake, I didn't have either with me. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. C��*m��'ܾ���MNl� >���k�y�0�5p�^�{������ Vy��.��l}T�Zs*4�_p$�]�(Fi�sΧ͖'��� 0000088183 00000 n

0000678906 00000 n 0000352654 00000 n

0000106665 00000 n 0000279193 00000 n

0000141743 00000 n

The river originates in northeast Georgia in the upper Chattahoochee National Forest. 0000418769 00000 n Short trip is 2-3 hours, longer is 4 hours so bring a cooler to float down with your lunch and beverages (please use cans, don't be those clowns). We previously tubed at Deep Creek in Bryson which is what traumatized our group from wanting to ever do this again, but nonetheless we did and I’m glad if you’re wearing jewelry, I recommend leaving it at home, as someone in our group did lose an item :(. 0000006458 00000 n

. He, was able to accommodate us the same day! 0000217681 00000 n

0000004161 00000 n

Chris and his staff were incredibly accommodating. 0000191371 00000 n 0000300205 00000 n 0000569653 00000 n Two people sit on coolers and paddle, at the same time and strength. 0000284037 00000 n

USGS Water Resources of the 0000358865 00000 n All it took was a short visit with the owner of Foothills Outdoor Adventures & I was set to go....delivery to the lake & decent equipment along with affordable pricing! ; UPDATE November 1, 7:15 pm ET: Real-time data delivery to NWISWeb has been restored at this time.

0000678325 00000 n 0000161512 00000 n 0000448864 00000 n

The Hiwassee Tailwater fishery begins in the Cherokee National Forest as it flows from TVA’s Apalachia Powerhouse. 0000005328 00000 n Membership is free but required in order to post to our forums, classifieds, reviews and photo gallery. 0000386465 00000 n

H��W�n�}���Ǚ j�x' 40�6�KX�"� �keGҮ%#���T�ݣ�ua10�f���sx�~��`��������f���?�-L}�3^^�\.>-�m>��5Gߙ.���ag���#���7�,+�-�?���,ޟ�l��i������Ӣt���Ko(���z�������ˊhyy��������[_�zu���|Efy�n]����/��d�D���G�����X��������9���%�����?�\�u���W ��.sD�����۞wJx��i����҉���PY Let me just say, we had the most incredible time and I am positive this will be a memory that everyone talks about for years to come. 0000310972 00000 n

Spray down with sunscreen before you go for sure, there were not many bugs to worry about at 3pm. x� �� l,��g�0��y����J�K��j�*X9�Yz{���;+�:�[�� EAST BEND, N.C. (Aug. 28, 2020) —The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission once again has partnered with the Yadkin County Parks and Recreation Department to provide anglers with an improved fishing access area on the Yadkin River in Yadkin County.

0000567564 00000 n 0000380702 00000 n

0000277035 00000 n 0000005537 00000 n Page Contact Information: North Carolina Water Data Support Team 0000215032 00000 n 0000476641 00000 n Questions about data? 0000005154 00000 n

0000003135 00000 n

0000315432 00000 n

0000141673 00000 n 0000354949 00000 n

0000562947 00000 n

more, Cultural Tours, Historical & Heritage Tours, Distillery Tours, Distilleries, Factory Tours, Things to do near Foothills Outdoor Adventures. 0000190458 00000 n We showed up an hour early with a lot more questions from individuals in our group who were very hesitant to tube for two hours. to steer around the debris. 0000678298 00000 n 0000384668 00000 n
The tub is a little work, can fit four people. 0000292151 00000 n 0000007004 00000 n Warning: Javascript must be enabled to use all the features on this page! 0000318762 00000 n 0000554588 00000 n 0000573587 00000 n

The water was cold for us Floridians at first but after ten minutes it was glorious! 0000677652 00000 n

Policies and Notices, U.S. Department of the Interior | 0000348952 00000 n

U.S. Geological Survey You can rent a tube and take it to the lake (but that would be boring so don’t do that ;) The 2.5 hour trip is plenty and is just that amount of time.

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