Well ‘Piece of English Cake’ is a website dedicated to helping ELL students to learn how to read and speak English. But it’s also important for your tool belt to include a collection of resources ready for lesson planning at a moment’s notice. This online listening lab is the perfect resource for listening exercises in your ESL classroom. Many classrooms around the globe already use Reading Bear and it’s easy to see why. Our Practice Listening section will give you the tools you need to become good at listening and comprehending English. The one that never listens unless you have just the right activity or lesson. Speaking. I have often used LanternFish for young ESL learners, but it’s also a valuable site for teenage and adult learners. their tips, All My Thematic “Best” Lists For Beginning, The Best Parent Engagement Resources For Immigrant Families, The 50 Best Web 2.0 Applications For Education In 2017, The Best Fun Videos For English Language Learners In 2017 [So Far], The Best Videos Topic examples include “Clothing Styles,” “Car Rental,” “Breakfast Recipes” and “Friday Night Mishaps.”. Age 7-8: 2nd Grade KS2 Lesson plans and activities about UK culture for your teenage classroom. Get started right now by clicking the button below. Choose from beginner, intermediate or advanced and take advantage of their well constructed program which covers many phonics topics including consonant digraphs and blends, prefixes and suffixes, long and short vowels, hard ‘c’ and soft ‘c’, etc. There is an item on the menu called “Everything But the Kitchen Sink,” and the customer asks the worker to explain this phrase. © BBC World Service, Bush House, Strand, London WC2B 4PH, UK. before use, e.g. - Debra, Sitemap | Contact | Privacy Policy | About, All material on this website is copyrighted (© 2007-2020). So when I studied for my TESOL certification, I had to start thinking about all of these English language components. I hope you will enjoy this career as much as I do! What exercise will both capture the attention of the struggling student and—at the same time—challenge your top students? UsingEnglish.com provides a large and growing collection of English as a Second Language (ESL) tools & resources for students, teachers, learners and academics, covering the full spectrum of ESL, EFL, ESOL, and EAP subject areas. Articles cover topics from English grammar, spelling and punctuation, through to language teaching, career development, specialisations, and ideas and suggestions for the classroom. Remember some sites are not Australian. If you're thinking about getting into this profession, I've also provided information about how to start teaching ESL to adults. No signing up, no membership and no fees (though you can purchase their entire library for about $100). All students are different, and learn in different ways. In this section you will find stories and poems to use in the secondary classroom with your learners aged 13-17. Pronunciation Guide for English Language Learners, Conversity - Conversations about Diversity, Effortless English Blog and Video While it does require membership (currently $55 for one year, with shorter subscriptions also available), many ESL teachers find this site incredibly helpful. When I first started teaching English to adults, I spent a lot of time preparing ESL lesson plans; and I mean a lot of time. ESL Gold is dedicated to being the fastest and easiest way to learn English as a Second Language online. Guide to Acronyms:ESL – English as a Second LanguageESOL – English for Speakers of Other LanguagesEAL – English as an Additional LanguageEFL – English as a Foreign LanguageELT – English Language TeachingTESL – Teaching English as a Second LanguageTESOL – Teaching English to Speakers of Other LanguagesTEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign language, Age 6-7: First Grade KS1 Every class is an opportunity to help and to teach, but it's also an opportunity to learn and to receive. Perfect for early learners of English the alphabetised selection also breaks down each letter into sounds (phonemes), letters that represent the sounds (graphemes) and examples of the sounds in words. One of their warmers is the “How Was Your Weekend” activity. Use the resources below and you’ll learn English in no time. There are many different types of videos, as you can see here: FluentU makes it easy to watch and understand native English videos with interactive captions. This will help your brain make the connections it needs to make you a fluent speaker. Check out our favorite products and sister sites. Still, there are good teaching resources for anyone. For example, under the “cinema and television” category, you could use a worksheet about “The Simpsons” that talks about hobbies—all that feature Bart and family. Free registration is required to gain access to links and files. Unless otherwise stated the resources are free. The site also has a forum for teachers, where ESL instructors can ask questions, get advice and share ideas. But how do you know what works? English grammar is similar to other Latin-based languages but is also different enough that sounding like a native speaker is difficult. “We, the Union of Workshop Elves, refuse to make any more toys until the following demands are met.” The students must then continue the story. © 2020 Enux Education Limited. What’s in your tool belt? Worksheet downloads are conveniently organized by grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading and writing worksheets. For example, with Christmas just around the corner, they have a writing prompt titled “Christmas Elves on Strike!” They start the prompt with a paragraph that explains why the elves are on strike (no holidays or breaks, zero wages, terrible uniforms, to name a few reasons). Of course a few tools all ESL teachers need are patience, a good attitude and genuine passion for teaching English. TESL/TEFL. Find a range of complete lesson plans of all language levels for your teenage English language classes. Learning. ESL Gold is dedicated to being the fastest and easiest way to learn English as a Second Language online. Follow Us. our multicultural nation. You are free to use my materials in your classes. This section will help you take your English grammar skills to the next level. This site is a compilation of the many English language components that I had to learn well enough to teach. At the beginning of my ESL teaching career, much of the time I spent preparing lesson plans was making sure that I thoroughly understood the  English language concept I was going to teach. Due to current circumstances, this page has been updated but will no longer be added to or maintained until further notice. For Content Teachers With, The Best Videos For Educators In 2017 – So Far, The Learning a foreign language becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. The audio listening exercises are organized by level of difficulty (easy, medium, difficult) and are listed by topic. Age 9-10: 4th Grade KS2 All content is written by an ESL teacher currently teaching English as a Second Language. The resources all offer a variety of fun and engaging material including free games, animations, songs and printable worksheets. Check carefully to be sure they conform to Australian requirements © D & B Mann Webmasters. We also have shorter activities, as well as ideas for using stories and poems and lesson plans dedicated to areas of UK … But it’s also important for your tool belt to include a collection of resources ready for lesson planning at a moment’s notice. Topics are wide ranging and include numbers, sport, seasons, traditions, pets and even dinosaurs so whether you’re a teacher that focusses on TESL or a parent who’s keen to improve reading, writing and speaking skills … I especially had to think about how to teach them to English language learners. For example, if you tap on the word “brought,” then you see this: You can learn any video’s vocabulary with FluentU’s fun quizzes. Articles about learning, using and teaching the English language, including advice, tutorials, opinions and lesson plans from various authors and contributors. Teacher Resources. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to say in a business environment even if speak English well around friends and family. Find ESL Classes. See our resources now by clicking below. The site also offers great advice for ESL teachers, interesting creative writing prompts and much more. Business English, Improve Grammar Checkout our articles, flashcards, and videos to help you become a better English reader by clicking the button below.

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