Project Gutenberg believes the Court has no jurisdiction over the matter, but until the issue is resolved, it will comply. "Uncle Big Jake sho' work de slaves from early mornin' till night. One time he brung us dresses, and Uncle Big Jake heered 'bout it and he sho' mad 'cause he can't cotch papa, and he say to mama he gwine to whip her 'less she tell him where papa is. My sister Rachel was with me so she wasn't kilt. Massa make him come out and dey tie him to a post and he starts to bawl and beller befo' a lick am struck.
He wasn't all black, he was part Indian. Lawd A-mighty! One time he gone a whole year and he sho' look like a monkey when he gits back, with de hair standin' straight on he head and he face. A man rid up on a hoss and tell massa to git us pickaninnies out dat tree or dey git kilt. His chillen call Sis and Texana and Robert and John. A-rockin' on my knee? Dey hires me out and us have our own patch, too, and dat de fust time I ever seed any money. 'Twas celebration day for us chillun.

One day we chillen playin' and masta settin' on de front porch and Shields come up de road. Marse Frazier he treat us nice and de other white folks calls us 'free niggers', and wouldn't 'low us on dere places. I's allus been too busy tendin' to my 'sponsibilities for to git in de debilmen' and now I's happy, tendin' to my great gran'chile. I's a member of de Live Lake Missionary Baptist Church. Deys 'lowed to do anything with dey hands and head and teeth. He 'low nobody to beat de slaves.

Dey dances out on de grass, forty or fifty niggers, and dem big gals nineteen year old git out dere barefoot as de goose. He had three girls and four boys and when I's a chile we'uns played togedder and we'uns 'tached to each other all our lives.

"When I young lady, dey have tourn'ments at Adrian Ryall place west of Jasper and de one what cotch de hoss bridle de most times, git crown queen. Us didn't have sense 'nough to know he tryin' do us good. De black folks all hated him so dey wouldn't have no truck with him and he ask my papa could he stay. After de end of war, when de sojers gwine home, don't know how many Yankees pass through Jasper, but it sound like de roar of a storm comin'. We apologize for this inconvenience. "After all dese years I's worked and 'haved, I never thinks I comes to where I couldn't git 'nough to eat. Dem times was for de cullud folks to do for demselves. She was on her way to school when dey stoled her, when she de young gal.

Dat massa where he show up take care of him so long, den lay claim to him. De big owl hootin' in de tree; 'Low me to 'collect a li'l. Dey have a lamp and a candle for our comfort. A Court in Germany ordered that access to certain items in the Project Gutenberg collection are blocked from Germany. She de cook and iffen you puts a sugar barrel 'long side her and puts a face on dat barrel, you sho' can't tell it from her, she so round and fat. "Us have more to eat den dan us do now. My beard am red and my eyes is brown and my skin am light yellow. De woman what has li'l chillen don't have to work so hard.

She am a-twistin' her hands and cryin'. 'Yes, sar, massa,' I says, but I won't go in dat water till massa hit me some licks. Sometime de runaway nigger git fifty or hundred miles away and show up dere as de stray slave. LOUIS FOWLER, 84, was born a slave to Robert Beaver, in Macon Co., Georgia.
SARAH FORD, whose age is problematical, but who says, "I's been here for a long time," lives in a small cottage at 3151 Clay St., Houston, Texas.

You see, dere am de nursery for sich what needs care while dere mammies am a-workin'. Slave Narratives - Page 6 .

"De white folks 'low dem to have de frolic with de fiddle or banjo or windjammer. Some my old friends say I's 100, and maybe I is. Dey all very 'ligious in dere profession. De massa talk to her to quiet her. And he boy, Bob, am better still.

All dis time de war was fixin' and I seed two, three soldiers round spyin'. Dat am on a Sunday and on de Monday, de Yanks puts us on de freight train and we goes to Stevenson, in Alabama. ALICE HOUSTON. Massa Kit have a African woman from Kentucky for he wife, and dat's de truth. It am in de field next to we'uns and de two boys, young Charley and he brother, Bob, am in de fight. He give 'em a big cabin for dat. Or, clearing the history of your visits to the site. I works dere 20 years and den dey say I's too old and since den I works at de odd jobs till 'bout five years ago.

In wintertime dey give de boy's de li'l coat and pants and shoes, but no drawers or unnerwear. I's so old I can't 'member much, only sometime, things comes to me I thought I forgot long time ago. "After freedom dey have de log cabin schoolhouse. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive, There Is No Preview Available For This Item, This item does not appear to have any files that can be experienced on Texas Slave Narratives - Parts 1 & 2 A Folk History of Slavery in the United States from Interviews with Former Slaves. "Dey had a li'l church house for de niggers and preachin' in de afternoon, and on into de night lots of times. He wife name Malite Guidry. I steps in de water, den back 'gain, and 'gain. My old massa was Valerian Martin and he come from foreign country. Dey never could cotch papa when he run 'way, 'cause he part Indian.

Dey give all de old men whiskey. Dey call 'em bluejackets. Date: Thursday, 12-Nov-2020 13:07:49 GMT. Owl hush hootin' in de tree.

"After freedom come, us stays right on with massa and missus. Now, who does you think my pappy was? "My mammy was a freeborn woman named Viny Frazier and she come from a free country. But dat boy growed to be a good man and I live with him and he wife now. He allus chasin' after some nigger wench and not satisfied with de pass I give. None lasts long with him.

My pappy am on dat plantation but I don't know him, 'cause mammy never talks 'bout him 'cept to say, 'He am here.'. For a week she am in de bunk. "Dey weave dey own cloth.

"Christmas time dey give big dinner. He never take no liquor 'cept at Christmas. MILLIE FORWARD, about 95 years old, was born a slave of Jason Forward, in Jasper, Texas. Texas Genealogy Trails. She has lived in Beaumont, Texas, many years. I stays dere till I's twenty-seven years ole, den I marries and my husban' rents land. Dat dirt am soaked with water till it stick together and den hay or straw am mixed with it. After my wife die, I gits de man to come and live dere with me. "De nigger fights am more for de white folks' joyment but de slaves am 'lowed to see it. "Yes, suh, dis is Chris Franklin. "Papa's name was Mike and he's a tanner and he come from Tennessee and sold to Massa Kit by a nigger trader.

He lives at 2706 Holland St., Fort Worth. I's goin' down to new ground,

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