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Notable loot: Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap. Notable loot: Lucky shades (+1 Luck), Legion centurion armor, Centurion helmet, Legion Vexillarius armor, Vexillarius helmet, Legion Praetorian armor, chainsaw, sniper rifle, displacer glove. If the Courier has the Wild Wasteland perk, a mercenary campground will change into an extraterrestrial landing zone, complete with spacecraft, and three aliens. The office is a small shack to the west of the trailers. The entrance to the cave is surrounded by rocks and skeletons. 0 members and 54 guests. Inhabitants: Major Joseph Polatli, Doctor Alex Richards, Quartermaster Carl Mayes (merchant), Tech Sergeant Reyes, Private Stone, Private James Sexton, NCR Veteran rangers, NCR troopers, Lieutenant Monroe (once Boulder City Showdown is completed in favor of the NCR), Lieutenant Hayes (after completing My Kind of Town), 1st Recon (after completing Three-Card Bounty). Inhabitants: Tabitha (Leader), Neil, Raul Tejada (Ghoul-prisoner), Super mutants, Nightkin sniper, Nightkin masters, Nightkin, a unique evolved centaur Moe, Centaurs. The area has been charred by the bombs and the pools of water are quite irradiated. There are several Legionaries armed with marksman carbines and power fists throughout the camp. To the east of the ranch there is a ruined building (beware of traps on each entrance). Nothin' But a Hound Dog (Find a way to heal Rex). Here is a place you can come where you can feel safe and comfortable. The front gate is vigilantly guarded day and night by a howitzer team. Samuel Kerr, merchant (food) and repair services; Michelle Kerr, merchant (weapons, ammunition, food); Arms merchant (weapons, weapon mods, ammunition, armor, clothing, misc items); Veronica Santangelo (Brotherhood of Steel), a player companion, can be recruited here; Alexander, a Gun Runner (weapons, weapon mods, ammunition, misc items); Gun Runners guard, Alexander's bodyguard; Thought for the Day: buy the thoughts about "You", "Everywhere", and "Here" for 100 caps each. Notable loot: Guns and Bullets, Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap. Notable loot: Snow Globe - Goodsprings, ten distinctive cigarette butts. Notable loot: Snow globe - Hoover Dam in the visitor center; two Chinese stealth armors in the Hoover Dam offices. For Auld Lang Syne (Ask Doctor Henry to come to the Remnants reunion). Arizona Killer (Assassinate President Kimball). Enemies: Roller, Yvette, Scorpions gang members. The North Vegas Square is the slums of New Vegas. I Hear You Knocking (Get a replacement firing mechanism for the Legion's howitzer from the Boomers). Building: Hell's Motel. The NCR recently set up a large base here, and this became a major obstacle for Caesar's Legion. Deep in the den next to a pile of bones is lying a dead Bright Brotherhood Follower.

Many thanks for the excellent annotations. Notable loot: a copy of Nikola Tesla and You in Schuler's office (Hidden Valley Bunker L1). If you target the NCR in The Apocalypse quest during Lonesome Road, the gate will become unlocked and leads to Long 15.

Related quest: Heartache by the Number (Track down Durable Dunn's missing caravan with Cass). Three of four bunkers are just a large entry room with a locked door on the opposite side that lead to nowhere. The west side of the dam is controlled by the NCR. Enemies: Nightkin master, Nightkin, Radscorpions (outside). Notable loot: True Police Stories, Weapon repair kit inside the police cruiser; Nuka-Cola Quartz, La Fantoma!, Future Weapons Today, Programmer's Digest in Violet's trailer fort. The El Rey Motel is a dilapidated motel. The town will be taken over by cazadores after killing both Viper gang leaders. Related quest: I Don't Hurt Anymore (The Courier is asked to visit Usanagi and tell her that Betsy will be coming in for help soon). Notable loot: Fixin' Things in the East cistern. Inhabitants: Pearl (Leader), Pete (Keeper of the Story), Loyal (Mechanic), Jack (Mechanic), Janet (after completing Young Hearts), Argyll (Doctor), Raquel (Master-at-Arms), Boomer munitions manager (merchant), Boomer chef (merchant), Boomer teacher, Lindsay (Child), other Boomers and Mini Boomers. El Dorado Dry Lake is a vast expanse of sand and cracked earth. Notable loot: Knock-Knock (a unique variant of the fire axe), and Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap in the fire station; Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual, and Mini Nukes (2) or Holy Frag Grenades (3) in the Church basement; Meeting People in the home. Notable loot: Sunset Sarsaparilla star bottle cap (on the kitchen counter in Aerotech suite 300).
The Cap Counterfeiting Shack is a small shack. You Make Me Feel Like a Woman: acquire a dress for Veronica. One of them is equipped with the YCS/186 (a unique variant of the Gauss rifle). Hard Luck Blues (Speak to Morgan Blake at the NCR Sharecropper Farms). It also contains the control system for two space-based weapon platforms, Archimedes I and Archimedes II. Notable loot: the Mysterious Magnum (a unique variant of the .44 magnum revolver, carried by The Lonesome Drifter (50 Barter skill required)). Crescent Canyon East is the eastern side of a large crescent-moon-shaped canyon below a collapsed bridge.
(Clear out the critters on the road to Ivanpah Lake). He will offer it if the Courier has a "Liked" or higher reputation with the Legion.

ED-E My Love (Triggers the second message). Inside the garage is where Reina and Ray stay, and Old Lady Gibson rests. Hope to see this again!

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