Sort by . ", "He was well-to-do and he's got his own house and stuff like that," said Alvin Notice. Tiana Notice doesn't have a date -- or so she thinks. Then Carter begins sending her threatening e-mails reading "Trust me baby girl, you are going to lose everything," "As God is my witness, punishment is on the way, so be prepared," "You will have bad luck, you hear me? And Tiana is left in tears after one visit to the Waterbury Police Department near the university after he repeatedly called her at work. And I'm like, 'Look, I don't want my daughter to become a statistic, and I'm telling you now: If something happens to my daughter, you better move to another planet.'". "You may want to call it mother's intuition. '", "So I went and identified her, she's on the table, looked at her, there were stab wounds everywhere," said Alvin. But still the police take no action against Carter. Neighbors come to her aid. But six months into their relationship, James Carter II is sentenced to five months in jail for the domestic abuse of a previous girlfriend, and Tiana learned he has a rap sheet for numerous other violent crimes including assault. What convinces me that the existence of Saving Alex is more important than its flaws is the fact that this book, placed into the hands of a gay youth in a precarious moment in his or her life, might well save that life. save hide report. And she said 'He's just bugging me. I never cheated on you. Tiana Notice doesn't have a date -- or so she thinks. This thread is archived. In partnership with Warner Bros. Entertainment | But when this is revealed and the reader realizes the author would be only twenty or twenty-one today, the almost inept youthfulness of the author’s voice can be forgiven. It could be written about in the media. And he knew what was needed. 100% Upvoted. I can’t find any record of them other than announcements for the book detailing their abuse. But this time, Plainville Police attempt to call Carter to ask him to come in and give a handwriting sample. But still in many cases it just boils down to a simple question: Is a good time being had by all? Tianna Woods at the Royal York Hotel Join my VIP friends win prizes here... You're just having bad luck. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The reader can comment upon whether the author has drawn his or her characters finely enough to make them seem to come alive on the page. Tiana's dad speculates that Carter had been cheating on her, so she gives him his marching orders, and then is forced to take out a restraining order against him. "She was in her car crying hysterically and she says, 'Mom you wouldn't believe these people, they treated me like dirt. In some cases, there are actual facts to wrestle with. But that would never be enough for her parents. User Info: Fallacia. To review it is to have to answer the usual questions: No. It's supposed to be a day of love, but for the family of Tiana Notice, Valentine's Day will always be a sad reminder of the day their daughter was murdered in Plainville, Connecticut in 2009. Through the work of the Tiana Angelique Notice Foundation that Alvin and Kathy formed with the help of Connecticut State Senator Mae Flexer and Karen Jarmoc, a former state legislator and now head of the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence, laws have been toughened to prevent domestic violence murders. Complete Files Finished: FFVI / FFVII Currently Playing: FFVIII. They thought I was lying, and one officer accused me of having a fake restraining order,'" said Kathy. "I said, 'Wow, thank God,' and we were celebrating,' and I told her, I said 'Tiana don't go anywhere near your house or anything. Privacy Policy | But having grown up in a Mormon family living in California, she knows how strongly—violently—the church resists homosexuality. no comments yet. Once they are told that their daughter is gay, the parents fall silent and distant, only to finally come to their daughter with the suggestion that she go to stay with her grandparents in Utah for a while, while the family comes to grips with this new reality. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Gifted from one family to another. She was a genuine child prodigy way ahead of her classmates. "The GPS monitoring is put in place when the judicial system determines that an abuser is very high risk. of the members of the LGBT community. A forum for ex-mormons and others who have been affected by mormonism to share news, commentary, and comedy about the Mormon church. He had a profile that he was working at insurance. And the fact that she has been taken to Utah puts her fully in the Mormon Church’s hands. James Carter II is now serving 60 years without parole for the savage slaying of Tiana Notice. The family will receive fr All of which is taking the long way ’round before considering Alex Cooper’s new memoir Saving Alex, whose cover copy itself says it all: When I Was Fifteen I Told My Mormon Parents I Was Gay, and That’s When My Nightmare Began. Throughout the day, whoever came and went from the Siale house walked right by me. The pages do turn quickly, although the persons described never rise above caricatures—Mormons are thugs or accomplices to thugs, fellow gays are brave and kind, etc. Meet Johnny and Tianna Siale, the couple leading conversion therapy. In the seven years since Tiana's death, he's gotten action that has made authorities in Connecticut and other states take the deadly dangers of domestic violence seriously. Tiana Louise Collins, 17, passed away Thursday, June 6, 2019 at her home.A memorial graveside service will be held 2pm Saturday, June 15, 2019 at Tirzah ARP Church Cemetery. Tiana Notice was a 25-year-old blessed with both brains and beauty. "Looking at the face value what was going on I realized that there was a system failure.". Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Hey, I’m reading the memoir by Alex Cooper who survived gay conversion therapy by Mormons. But, as Kurt Vonnegut used to say, “Hi ho.”. Nor may she do anything but stand with her face to the wall while wearing a knapsack loaded with rocks (to remind her of the burden of her aberrant sexuality) when not cleaning or preparing meals for the whole family. But the next day, on Valentine's Day evening, Tiana makes the mistake of going back to the apartment to pack a bag. Seemingly so. "She went and visited the police station 33 times in six weeks.". I can’t find any record of them other than announcements for the book detailing their abuse. I have left the screen and come back to the console several times, only for the shop to be closed every time. Forgive me for everything else I have done.". Young people are finding their doppelgänger soulmates on TikTok. "I believe at age six we knew that she was special," said Alvin Notice, Tiana's father. Didn't have to think too long. She may not speak to any of the couple’s many Mormon children. I know who did it.". "He started stalking her, showing up wherever she was, whether out with her friends, she was out grocery shopping, at work," said Kathy Lewis, Tiana's mother. Cookies help us deliver our Services. They look at particularly the issue of lethality and trying to assess whether or not the abuser exhibits the traits that often lead to a murder, frankly.". "I'm bleeding to death," Tiana says on the 911 call. "And the first thing comes to mind: Who did it? .”. He won't leave me alone,'" said Alvin. “Here is the part that chilled me the most, the part that chills me still:  people saw me standing at the wall, and on one said a word. Then things get real scary when Tiana finds her car vandalized in her apartment house parking lot. So once again they have no video evidence against Carter. "My ex-boyfriend just stabbed me to death.". What she did not realize, however, was that her family, if forced to choose, would choose the church’s teachings over their child’s happiness and sense of self-worth. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. "So through that system the victim is alerted when the offender is coming within a certain distance of their home, of their workplace, of their family members' homes," said Jarmoc. "So he presented well. Then she loses consciousness. Already I knew from my escape attempts that I was invisible, that everyone trusted the Siales, and that I was just another problem kid who deserved whatever she was getting . Remember this email when karma bites you in the ass.". And yet it is more diatribe than treatise. "Tiana texts me and said, 'Dad, my tires were slashed on my car,' and I said 'Did you see somebody do it?' Until then, the reader has no idea of the when of this book, and how old the author is now. He snarled at me. And she said no," said Alvin. "He was claiming that she assaulted him and that she kicked his head light or tail light at the time, and actually punched him in the face," said Alvin. Following her murder Tiana's estate filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the officers who handled the complaints against James Carter II. And Alvin was determined to fix it so no one else's child would be murdered like his beloved daughter. Tiana goes to Plainville Police Department to report him for violating the restraining order, only to be told by an officer the e-mails are non-threatening. A jury agreed with the family, awarding them a $10 million judgment. And historical eras’ actual timelines and famous faces, who may or may not be willing to hand over the facts, preferring instead evasions and myths. Carter is so furious he takes out a restraining order against Tiana.

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