Fan chant "NXT!" Tonight's show comes from the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, FL. He is now a list writer for covering wrestling.

Out next comes Dexter Lumis. Indi starts off with Carter and they tangle.

Santos Escobar defends his NXT Cruiserweight Championship against Jak.

Thatcher with a big suplex for another 2 count. LeRae then destroyed Blackheart's tank.

Ripley talks some trash but Shirai unloads on her arm, trying to soften it up to prevent a finisher. Cesaro is WWE's biggest missed opportunity and his fans won't hesitate to remind them of that.

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People like to tear you down and destroy you in life but you re-build. Kai with another quick pin attempt. - After the match, Storm and Moon stand tall as the music hits.

Ruff looks terrified as Priest comes at him in the ring now. The referee checks on Moon as she screams out.

Gargano catches him but Ruff avoids a back suplex.

Thatcher with a submission attempt but Grey fights him off with kicks. Kushida comes right back with kicks. Kai also gets sent out on the other side but Moon follows and brings her back in as we go to a picture-in-picture commercial break. Barrett announces that he can't be here next week, but Kevin Owens will be filling in as the guest commentator.

Gonzalez with a headbutt to Storm.

Ruff tried to gain on this by rolling up Gargano, but Gargano kicked out.

Moura made his pro wrestling debut in September 2005 for Supreme Pro Wrestling in a match lost against Drake Smith.

We go right to the ring as Alicia Taylor introduces new NXT North American Champion Leon Ruff. Shawn Michaels picks Io Shirai to retain, while Triple H goes with Rhea Ripley to take home the gold, predicting that it will come down to the wire. Kacy tags in and rolls Indi up for a quick pin attempt.

McAfee was at ringside as Breezango regained control. Welcome to our Live WWE NXT Viewing Party. Possibly the most surprising choice as number one contender, Kushida may also be the most deserving. They would lose the tag titles and go on to have one of the best matches of the year in the NXT Fight Pit. Storm hit a fisherman’s suplex, She went to the top rope, but LeRae met her there and went for a twisting neckbreaker, but didn’t catch her. Gargano was mad and said it was a goof, a joke. Kai superkicks Moon out of the ring.

These are two men who like to make their opponents hurt before finally submitting them. The referee is still checking on Shirai a minute or two later.

Chyna's Mom Jan LaQue & Former Manager Anthony Anzaldo, Spoiler On Why Impact Has Teased An AJ Styles Return, AEW Star Says WWE Called Him Immediately After His Debut, WWE Offering Unique Opportunity With The Undertaker At The WWE Performance Center, WWE Survivor Series Results, Your Feedback, Backstage News On Aleister Black's WWE Status, Spoiler: More Big Names Backstage At Tonight's WWE Survivor Series, Big Spoiler On Drew McIntyre's WWE TLC Opponent, Spoiler: More Names Headed To WWE Survivor Series, Backstage Notes From Undertaker's "Final Farewell", Top Star Reportedly Written Off WWE TV At Survivor Series, AEW Dynamite (11/18): Jon Moxley Reveals He's Going To Be A Dad, NXT 11/18: Damian Priest, Leon Ruff and Johnny Gargano Brawl, © 2020 Webcapacity Incorporated. Storm turns it around and tags in Moon.

Priest turns it around and beats Gargano up in the corner. Burch headbutted Fandango, allowing him to be set up for an elevated DDT, giving the win to the champions.

Thatcher applies a choke as the referee yells at him. But then he became NXT Champion. Shirai follows up with strikes in the corner.

That's what makes him similar to Thatcher.

Ruff runs the ropes and leaps out, taking Gargano back down on the floor.

Bark enough and people begin to feel to their bite.

Fans chant "NXT!" Timothy Thatcher defeated August Grey. Storm with a headscissors takedown. Thatcher says he has no problem with Ciampa. The third and most recent in a trilogy of matches between Timothy Thatcher and Daniel Makabe rounds out this list. Gargano immediately rams Ruff back into the corner with thrusts. He then threw Grey into Lumis’ drawing. as Ciampa enters the ring.

Matches: 387 (19 Pay Per View) Ring Name (s): Bryce Braxton-Collins, California Bad Boy, The British Messiah, Timothy Thatcher. Balor will be here tonight.

Storm held on and applied an armbar.

Moon tags in Storm.

He hit a snap suplex and tagged in Lorcan, who was taken to the corner and worked over by Breezango.

He tweeted on last night’s segment with Thatcher.

Shirai with an uppercut and a double stomp to the gut in the middle of the ring. Thatcher with another stiff shot to the ribs while Grey is down. Shirai unloads and screams out now. Gargano unloads on Priest and brings it in the ring.

Ruff walks off and says he will find Gargano himself. Others have had an opportunity, not Kushida. Moon talks about Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez, and says it's about time they get theirs. Priest apologizes some and Ruff smacks him in the face out of nowhere. Thatcher stretched Grey until Grey made a brief comeback. McAfee says these people are all dead thanks to The Kings of NXT. Gargano with a powerbomb as Priest looks on concerned. Ripley catches Shirai coming out of the corner but Shirai counter as they tangle. I was expecting a lot worse, but it was just your typical WWE TV match. Cole and McAfee go at it, Dunne and O'Reilly go at it, the tag team champions fight with Strong and Fish. Thatcher takes pride in controlling a … Which, there is no questioning that Timothy Thatcher would also love to get his hands on the NXT Championship.

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