Overall, this is the best place to hang out with friends in the game. In here you can access the MyTeam Mode right away instead of having to navigate to the main menu. A complete guide to the NBA 2K20 Weekly Workouts.

You will find this area right beside the Boost Stand. In the previous version, 2K Shoes was practically Footlocker. Head to this place to sign endorsement deals, or get endorsement cheques, or to talk to your agent.

You will find this near the NBA Store, at Doc’s you can get your player’s hair cut, dyed and generally however you want it to look like. You can view billboards to know what events are happening in NBA 2K20 for that week. The Cages Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There are plenty of options to choose from. Here’s the complete guide to the NBA 2K20 Weekly Workouts: There are two exercises that can increase your player’s acceleration for a week: the Agility Ladder or the Agility Hurdles. The store allows you to buy various stuff to improve your player’s aesthetics. Well, it’s a gym so that your MyPlayer can train. Here, you can buy all sorts of apparel for your player. Here are a few NBA 2K20 events: The Rec This is by far the hardest attribute set to perfect, so we recommend picking one of the drills and sticking to it for the rest of the year. The Treadmill is certainly easier than the Sprints, so we recommend getting your speed boost from the Treadmill. Both are equally difficult, but again not hard, so you can pick either one to get your stamina boost. A vape enthusiast who'd sell himself for vape joos and some fused clapton rolls. We all know yall buy yall vc so cut it out you make the gane worst than what it already is. Special Gear, which includes weekly items. Seasons are being introduced in the game, so the Neighborhood’s outlook may depend on the playing season. This is the place.
Although at Swag’s, you will see a more diverse attire for your player. You will see a statue near your MyCourt which commemorates twenty years of 2K. The more levels you gain, the more activities you can unlock in there. 2k players need to stop acting like bitches truth be told…..they always in the park and holding the games up trying not to play with ppl lower than them. Ante Up

Leveling up or improving your Rep Level will allow you to unlock and purchase more transportation methods at wheels. You can reach here after heading along the street at your left if you’re facing away from MyCourt.

More levels provide more opportunities, such as the option to dye your player’s hair. You can watch the game on a flat screen or shoot hoops. Leveling up your character will unlock more things for MyCourt such as an arcade game. You will find this building closed for most of the time, though you will get prompted whenever you’re needed to visit here. You will come across numerous courts in the middle of the Neighborhood. If you get at least a +3 on every drill, you’ll get the Weekly Gatorade Turbo Boost added to your stamina bar.

I’ve completed my weekly workout, and it’s been over 2 1/2 weeks and every time I try to do my weekly workout it tells me they’re completed for the week. You can only tattoo a few areas, but more levels will introduce you to more body areas. You will find Swag’s located down the street from Alley-Oops. As the name suggests, here you can spin a wheel that randomly rewards you with the game’s goodies. You will find this building besides Swag’s. Doc’s Barber Shop is close to the NBA store. The Paint is all about tattoos. It is to be noted that you’ll only be able to access the Neighborhood once you’ve completed the Prelude and signed up for an NBA team. Wheels on.

While these are the top options in the Neighborhood, there are more places to visit and take advantage of: The Neighborhood in NBA 2K20 is more diversified than ever and can kill lots of time when out of ideas.​. You will find the Paint besides the barbershop. NBA Store The game rewards you with 10 VC if you choose winners of the real world NBA games.

It is all about transportation – again, more levels imply more options. This boost only requires a set of five exercises that can boost your physical attributes up to +4, and the workouts only need to be done once every seven real days. Courts Moreover, this area will give you access to some Virtual Currency, as well as the possibility to upgrade badges for all the builds (point guard, center, shooting guard, small forward and power forward). The shop is at the end of the road. There are two exercises to increase your player’s speed: Sprints and the Treadmill. Leveling up will unlock more items to buy from the NBA Store. You can play on these courts as well. Do not forget, you need VC’s for accessing a NBA 2k feature, check out the working locker codes for NBA 2k20 before getting to know much about neighbourhood. You will find a room between the Cages and Ante Up. Here is a Neighborhood Guide for this year’s NBA 2K20. So, what is new in NBA 2K20 Neighborhood guide? Daily Spin From here you can get your player all sorts of tattoos. Head down the road that’s on the right of 2K Shoes to reach this arena. The Paint Here, you can go through certain drills for basketball to improve your player’s badges and get increased stat caps.

Check the store every once in a while, as new stuff pops up as you level up. Therefore, if you’re one of those old NBA fans who’ve also played NBA2K19, go ahead and get nostalgic. In the 2K20 version of the game, you will reach the Neighborhood with a few conditions – complete the Prelude mode, then sign up for a team. There are three drills to increase your player’s vertical: Box Jumps, Clean Press, and the Leg Press.

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