The Arabic numeral indicates the serial number assigned to the instrument within categories I and II. Include a brief, clear subject line so that the recipient can immediately tell what the email is about. UNMISS (South Sudan) At the UN's e-Subscription page you can select what documents you want to receive by email or RSS feed. 80,000 maps, some 3,000 atlases, gazetteers, travel guides, You can search for UN documents by keywords, then narrow your search.Â, ODS search page Non bisogna mai trascurare l’oggetto perché è la prima cosa che leggerà il destinatario dell’email: se Welcome to the United Nations Here you will find UN Peacekeeping maps, profile maps, and geographical information. MINUSMA (Mali) UNTSO (Middle East). MINUSCA (C.A.R.) For more information on the publication policy under the UNTS please see the Limited Publication Policy page. 1. Multilateral Envoys UNAMID (Darfur) All integral elements of treaties, such as various types of maps, charts, sketches of boundary delimitation, annexes, protocols, exchanges of letters, etc. Vous êtes habitué à envoyer des emails textuels et vous souhaitez leurs changer le look afin de capter plus de clients. Peace Operations Procédure 1: Créer votre template HTML Pour réaliser cette procédure, vous devez avoir des connaissances en HTML. Cette astuce est valable pour Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010 et Outlook 2007. Comment procéder? Section, DOS, OICT. MINUJUSTH (Haiti) Rep. Congo) ODS is the UN's Official Document System. To search for a specific treaty or group of treaties please use the Advanced Search tool. Tot „mailuri” („corespondențe”, „mesaje”) se numesc și mesajele individuale trimise prin aceste sisteme. En plus vous devez utiliser un éditeur … are also published. Email Format Let us look at the important steps to follow when writing a formal email. UNDOF (Golan) The first part of an email which your recipient sees is the subject of the email. cartographic and geographic reference works as well as digital MONUSCO (Dem. The United Nations Treaty Series (UNTS) is a publication produced by the Secretariat of the United Nations containing all treaties and international agreements registered or filed and recorded by the Secretariat since 1945, pursuant to Article 102 of the Charter. Subject line Grab attention with the subject line. UNMIK (Kosovo) Political and Peacebuilding Missions, U.N. The United Nations Treaty Series (UNTS) is a publication produced by the Secretariat of the United Nations containing all treaties and international agreements registered or filed and recorded by the Secretariat since 1945, pursuant to Article 102 of the Charter.. Withdrawal Line of Israeli forces in Lebanon, U.N. If you do not Mandated by Article 102 of the UN Charter and the General Assembly Regulations to give effect to Article 102, the UNTS includes the texts of treaties in their authentic language(s) along with translations into English and French, as appropriate. Come l’attacco, vare a dire ciò che serve per iniziare l’email, e il corpo della comunicazione (body copy). Research Guide: Document Symbols, Maintain International Peace and Security, e-Subscription lets you sign up to receive UN documents electronically, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, e-Subscription: Sign up for electronic documents, UN Multilingual Terminology Database (UNTERM), Conventions, Declarations and other Instruments adopted by the General Assembly, Repertoire of the Practice of the Security Council, Annual Report of the Secretary-General on the Work of the Organization, Main page of the International Court of Justice, Statute of the International Court of Justice, UN75 - 75th Anniversary of the United Nations, Violence Against Women and Girls (Spotlight Initiative), Prevention of Genocide and the Responsibility to Protect, Secretary-General’s Roadmap for Digital Cooperation. e-Subscription lets you sign up to receive UN documents electronically At the UN's e-Subscription page you can select what documents you want to receive by email … The texts of treaties are published in the following formats: full publication, partial publication and limited publication. Il primo aspetto da tenere in conto è l’ oggetto. In the email itself, start with a salutation, followed by i-meil ] sau și [ pron. Outlook vous permet de composer aisément des e-mails au format HTML, qui comporteront donc, comme dans une page Web, du texte mis en forme et en couleurs, des … Poi ci sono le conclusioni che chiudono l’email e i saluti. Registration numbers for instruments included in the UNTS consist of a Roman numeral and an Arabic numeral, joined by a colon (i.e., I:54321;II:965). MINURSO (Western Sahara) The Map Collection houses over UNMOGIP (Jammu and Kashmir) Geospatial Information Section Con la firma. UNAMA (Afghanistan) This is the official Web Site of the United Nations Cartographic Section in New York. Political and Peacebuilding Missions Image, Geospatial Infomation UNISFA (Abyei) Available documents include the UN Journal, as well as documents from the General Assembly, Security Council, Human Rights Council, Economic and Social Council and others. UNIFIL (Lebanon) Political Missions Cela est possible en créant un email HTML. E-mailul (un anglicism citit [ pron. The Roman numeral indicates treaties and international agreements registered with the Secretariat; Roman numeral II indicates treaties and international agreements filed and recorded by the Secretariat. Operations Support DivisionOffice of Information and Communications Technology, Select a mission Cuvântul provine din engleză de la … UNFICYP (Cyprus) i-meil ] ) transmiterea sau primirea de mesaje, de obicei prin Internet. 1. The format of a formal email is usually simpler than that of a traditional letter. L’email vera e propria, composta da diversi elementi. UNAMI (Iraq) cartographic products. COME SCRIVERE UN’EMAIL FORMALE IN ITALIANO Cominciamo subito! Previously only available in printed format, the UNTS is now available as a fully-searchable on-line database.

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