The Canal map is created by Chris Lowe who has kindly let me host his map. Internet Explorer) aren’t supported.

The Uinta Basin Railway is expected to add 100 new railway jobs in Carbon, Duchesne and Uintah counties and up to 300 additional indirect and induced jobs. Union Pacific North (UP-N) Union Pacific Northwest (UP-NW) Heritage Corridor (HC) Metra Electric District (ME) Rock Island District (RI) SouthWest Service (SWS) BNSF Railway (BNSF) Milwaukee District West (MD-W) Union Pacific West (UP-W) Riding Metra . Available in the Ventra app only. Currently only the UK railway and canal map have features, and more are being added all the time. rollercoasters), temporary construction railways, model railways too small to ride, cable cars (no rails!) Description: This map shows railways in USA. Included are significant features including industries, junctions, bridges and tunnels. However, if you have interest in data for a specific small area then I might be able to help. Is there an App? Yes, you can buy me a coffee at Ko-fi which will help with the website running costs, keep the website advert free, and maybe buy some morale tokens. In the UK, later (post 1923) tracks are coloured as if they were pre-grouping. Go back to see more maps of USA  U.S. Maps. Miniature & Fun, Metro Register as a Metra vendor or download Invitations for Bids and Requests for Proposals here. The railway maps are produced by me (Matthew) as a hobby, as is the website, so please bear with me if there are errors on the map or issues with the site as I try to produce updates. Maps for special service during the coronavirus pandemic I’m afraid being a free hobby site I can’t guarantee the service.

But it does mean I am reliant on Google and when problems occur there might not be a quick fix. This might not correct until the next day. For those that only need modern railway data then Open Street Map data is freely available (Geofabrik) and you can download and display the data in GIS software such as Google Earth. Try reloading the page, or failing that emptying your browser cache. I realise that can result in a very busy map, but unfortunately I didn’t think of that when I started! This allows complex maps to be served quickly and efficiently to your device. What happened to the historic OS background maps? I use out-of-copyright mapping and freely available online sources for all information on railways and routes. Labels, Features Basically, Google renders the railway/canal maps and displays them in your browser as square tiles. Can I give you money to contribute to the running costs? The Coalition vetted a thorough list of potential routes for the railway. What railways are depicted?

There are also some security constraints imposed by Google that may stop access from far-eastern internet providers or known spam-servers. Labels.

Keep Centred, WGS84 Decimal Deg Current Layers Can I link to the map? If you can’t get through by email then try Facebook or Twitter. You need to be using the secure site (HTTPS), have switched on your device's location, and your browser may also require you to provide permission for the webpage to know your location. U.S. maps; States; Cities; Lakes; National Parks The Seven County Infrastructure Coalition has no role in determining the content of the EIS website.

However, as it's just me then don’t be offended if I can’t incorporate your ideas.

The Uinta Basin Railway will provide consistent, all-weather freight transportation, sustaining well-paying jobs and stable employment. Full ticket information, Metra customers now have a convenient new way to buy and display tickets with their smartphones. Learn about the many benefits of working for Metra.

Site and content developed and maintained by the Surface Transportation Board, the lead federal agency responsible for preparing the Uinta Basin Railway EIS. A guide for those who want to find out about the Metra system. Modern Rlys layer based on OSM data; ©2020 Geofabrik GmbH and OpenStreetMap Contributors.

Full ticket information. I don’t include every sidings/spur, but rather try to represent the extent of stations/yards and the different routes available. Can I provide map corrections?

Airy1830 Decimal Deg, Right-click anywhere on map and select Create link, Right-click anywhere on map and select Measure, Historic Rlys

Only first 1000 places shown, and first 100 labels. Please upgrade to a modern browser if you’re still using IE! For the moment this means I have had to remove the backgrounds from the site. OSGB Grid numeric If in doubt ping me an email for permission. Also note that the background mapping imagery is also subject to copyright (e.g. Surface Transportation Board (STB) for additional study. Whether created exclusively for our popular Map of the Month feature or as the graphics to illustrate a story, Trains maps are among the best you'll find anywhere to capture the rich details and overarching themes of great railroading. only use a reasonable number of images, don’t copy the whole thing, don't resell (see UoY Guidance). Unfortunately I can't promise any additional services in return for a donation. The map itself is powered by the Google Maps API, and Google renders the map images and serves them to your browser. When this happens, Google doesn’t try again and a large part of the map won’t be displayed. I try to depict tracks so that you can easily find their location on the ground or on satellite imagery, and I have an aim of placing tracks within the right of way. Find open positions and apply for them here. We anticipate private industry will pay for the construction and operation of the railway through contracts and service fees for shipments. The Modern Rly layer is based on OpenStreetMap data.

Current View, Stations Occasionally a whole region of the map disappears. Metra created this page as a resource to provide the public with information and useful data.

Can I suggest a new idea for the website? The Uinta Basin Railway is a commercially viable, self-sustaining railroad that creates income for the seven counties and their residents. If the problem persists please let me know. If you want to sketch out the map, or even provide a KML that would be great. However, there will be errors in my maps, and when overlaying them on imagery and different map backgrounds then those maps may have errors as well. Why has it stopped working? This is the project website for the Uinta Basin Railway provided by the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition. FRA aims to increase education, enforcement, and engineering efforts to reduce trespassing … A strong solution for the future of our basin. Explore all of the evaluated, short listed, and selected routes on the map below. Meet the Metra Board of Directors, Citizens Advisory Board and executive team and find out about meetings. Get more information. Uttar Pradesh boasts of a rich history, magnificent cities, amazing tourist sites, and unique traditions and culture. The Canal map is created by Chris Lowe who has kindly let me host his map. Full ticket information, Travel from one station destination to another. BNSF Railway’s first-in-the-industry Tribal Relations program seeks to build and strengthen ties with the many diverse tribal nations on BNSF’s network, and to foster within BNSF a greater cultural understanding of these tribal nations, their rights and governance, cultural resources, and other crucial issues. Read about how Metra handles various service issues. Click here to view the Draft EIS Interactive Project Map.

from Google) so make sure to honour their terms as well. This should reset the next day, but if the problem persists then let me know. CN’s network is your connection to North America and the world. The railway maps are produced by me (Matthew) as a hobby, as is the website, so please bear with me if there are errors on the map or issues with the site as I try to produce updates. Yes.

However, anyone can help out with OpenStreetMap and provide edits, so if you want to get involved and start making your own maps then check them out.

Can I advertise on the site? Know before you go. If it runs on rails and you can ride it then I want to include it. In the event your train is delayed, you may print or email a Digital Late Slip here. Can I have a copy of the map and its source data? Canals

Do you collect data on me? The Uinta Basin Railway is expected to add 100 new railway jobs in Carbon, Duchesne and Uintah counties and up to 300 additional indirect and induced jobs. Can you fix an error on the Modern Rly layer? I normally try and respond within a couple of weeks, but if the workload is heavy or I'm on hols it may take me longer. I aim to always keep RailMapOnline advert-free.

Privacy & Cookie Policy. As a result of this evaluation, the Coalition proposed four alternative routes to the U.S. Not included are fairground rides (e.g. Please include my copyright statement (as shown at the bottom of the page) in any image, and please provide a reference back to RailMapOnline. Stations In the UK, post BR (1948) tracks are identified as a separate dark-grey colour, but this is only for significant additions and every siding/junction isn’t picked out. The background maps are outside of my control, and you will have to contact the map providers to report a problem. Many small industrial tramways are all coloured the same rather than being individually identified. Why does the background map not have a place name or show a particular feature? Thank you for visiting. Moving Metra mobile tickets to a new smartphone and retrieving tickets from lost/stolen devices, Using Pre-Tax Transit Benefits in the app, Emergency Preparedness / Public Awareness, A Guide to Winter Weather Travel Aboard Metra, Service Disruption Plan at Chicago Union Station, Getting to Chicago's airports from McCormick Place, Union Pacific West Line Third Mainline Track Project. Available now through the end of 2020, the $10 All-Day Pass is good for unlimited rides on any and all Metra lines all day until 3 a.m. the next morning. The UK map is mostly finished, although there’s always room for improvement.

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