Especially in the breaking of the thread department. Good machines are not always the most expensive.

What you have to do is make sure the needles are sitting correctly in each clamp. Don’t overbuy thread - you may not have the storage room for it. Then go to the lower looper but make sure the lower looper thread is over the upper looper thread.

Using more than one thread also saves you time on replacing one thread multiple times. Another great function of the serger is for construction. 2.

Again, the answer would be a resounding yes. They are very efficient and are a big help to you. Thank you for showing how to on the t-shirt.

Making classic T-Shirt is a great startup for beginners because it is okay to be slightly loose and not perfectly fit.

Having professional-looking results should earn you lots of praise. This stitch is available on the Baby Lock Acclaim, Accolade and the Triumph. This stitch looks like what was used on sacks of flour, sugar or dog food. With a Serger, you save a lot of time when you do not have a lot of free time to give to your sewing projects. Here is a little list of things you can do when you place a Serger in your home next to your regular sewing machine: 1. Simple Skirt Project

Then a little flossing motion is helpful. Pins will damage the blades even if it is just making them dull. By adjusting the threading path of the upper looper a wave is created in the stitch. A good quality thread should prevent this from taking place frequently.

Watch this recorded Facebook Live featuring National Training Manager Patty Marty... There are more things that you can do with your Serger. That is because the Serger does so many sewing duties at the same time for you. 1. Using the right machine, like a Serger, will make sure that sewing talent rise to the top and produce results you can be proud of.

Your email address will not be published. The differential feed lever is on the right side of the Serger and it controls the front feed teeth, not the back. Reply Josephine March 5, 2019 at 7:53 pm. Read More, Want to learn how to make fabric flowers with a serger?

Below are 7 easy things to make with a Serger. If you do not do this you will end up with a bad stitch pattern and look. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you sew the scarf just as you want it to be because there will be no extra fabric left after it has been stitched.

Serging the raw edge of any garments from any fabrics that you use will help prevent it from unraveling, fraying, and also unsightly rolled edges. Explore the benefits of having a Baby Lock account. Not only does the cutting blade trim the fabric edge, but the upper and lower looper threads wrap around the fabric edge, securing or protecting the fabric edge. Taking pictures help - that is taking pictures of a pre-threaded machine so you can use those pictures as guides when you need to change threads.

The pillow can be used for bed or throw pillow.

And also, making classic pillow also gives the instant result as well. Keep the stretch - The overlock stitch will make sure your knits stretch naturally and without ruining your seams. Before tightening the screw, make sure your new needles are seated properly in the clamps.

When you save time, you are not as frustrated or rushed so your sewing project has fewer to no mistakes. A Serger is a wonderful sewing machine that helps speed up your sewing time while doing duties that you would normally do with regular sewing machines. Raise the presser foot - This is done before starting threading your machine.

Sheer and lightweight fabrics usually need a low setting but make sure you test the feed out first before you put your good fabric through the machine. The top of the stitch looks like a straight stitch and the underside looks like a flat loop.

There are also numbers of pattern pillow to get the project started.

In this case I may use a five- or four-thread stitch. • Wave Stitch: The wave stitch, which is an exclusive Baby Lock serger stitch, is a decorative stitch comprised of a needle thread and upper and lower looper thread.

Replacing a needle takes a light touch and you shouldn’t force them into place. Again, not doing this will ruin your stitches. That aspect is very important when you are trying to impress your mother in law with your homemaking abilities or friends and strangers who like to see top quality work results. I loved your tutorial on sewing with a serger. What is a Serger used for? To get the facts about Serger machines just continue to read our article.

Get the one that fits your sewing needs the best. Often the serger is my preference for woven fabrics that are being used in a garment.

But, and you knew it was coming, Serger machines are not a replacement for regular sewing machines.

Sergers are designed to handle many different fabric types; lightweight fabrics and heavy fabrics, wovens and non-wovens, fabric with texture and even vinyl.

The left needle is higher than the right. With that versatility, you should be able to create some very interesting and attractive clothing.

The upper and lower looper threads are carried to the needle as the stitch is formed. Read More, At some point in your sewing life, you’ll ask “Should I buy a serger?” Maybe that’s how you found your way to...

Your clothes are more durable and should not fray. I bought one but I really don’t know how to make clothes from it. That way you can see if the machine will work for you. That characteristic makes sewing a little more enjoyable. With some machines, you can turn the blade off so it does not do any damage to your sewing project at the same time. In fact, the latter name is the other name for a Serger.

4. 5.

They can stretch the fabric where you need it to go. Check out the Baby Lock Euphoria, Accolade, or Triumph. Copyright © 2020 Baby Lock. Listen to an episode about serger stitches on Mallory and Zede Donohue's... we have great classes to help you take your sewing to the next level.

The machine will certainly save you time while making good and tidy clothes. Our answer is because a Serger is the perfect complementary tool for your regular sewing machine.

The normal setting for a lot of fabrics is 1 but other fabrics may require you to change that setting to make sure your fabric is fed through the machine as it should. 2. One thing to watch out for is that the needles in a Serger do not sit parallel to each other. (Do I Need a Serger Machine), Does Wool Burn?

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