●Undertake detailed written observations of children as required.

(i) Supervisory positions require the ability to instruct and deploy staff within the work area and receive and implement instructions which determine the overall work program of the area.

This may involve providing professional leadership to other professional staff or the management of a key program or project within a school or group of schools. If an employee fails to give the required notice the employer may withhold from any monies due to the employee on termination under this award or the NES,an amount not exceeding the amount the employee would have been paid under this award in respect of the period of notice required by this clause less any period of notice actually given by the employee. Work would have a level of complexity that in most fields would represent the highest level of technical work that would normally be undertaken by a position at this level.

This will need to take account of school policy and the requirements and priorities of other staff within the school. It would be responsible for case management and reporting requirements. Consultation regarding major workplace change, 30. The provisions of this clause apply in addition to the NES.

(a) Employee is paid a disability benefit under the State Superannuation Act 1988 (Vic) or under a similar provision in any other Act which requires the State of Victoria to contribute as an employer;or, (b) Employee has been absent from work for either a continuous period of 52 weeks or an aggregate period of 261 working days (including any public holiday an Employee,but for that public holiday,would be required to work) or an aggregate period of 1,983 hours;or. 6.1 The NES and this award contain the minimum conditions of employment for Employees covered by this award. Any such absence of an Employee must be regarded as sick leave. (e) For the avoidance of doubt,the requirement to consult under clause 8.3 does not apply: In the event of a dispute or grievance about a matter under this award or the NES the following processes will apply: 9.1 In the first instance the parties must attempt to resolve the matter at the workplace by discussions between the Employee or Employees concerned and the Employer’s representative at the workplace. (a) principals and assistant principals of Victorian Government schools; (b) members of the Victorian Government Teaching Service employed under Part 2.4,Division 2 of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Vic); (c) any other classes of employees who,because of the nature or seniority of their role,have traditionally not been covered by awards (whether made under laws of the Commonwealth or the States); (i) a modern enterprise award,or an enterprise instrument (within the meaning of the Transitional Act); (ii) any other State reference public sector modern award; (iii) a State reference public sector transitional award (within the meaning of the Transitional Act) other than the Predecessor awards; (e) any person whose employment or engagement is covered by any of the exclusions contained in paragraphs 5(1)(c)–(g) of the Victorian Referral;or. These objectives will,generally,be clearly defined,guidelines will be broad and day-to-day direction minimal.

4.1 This State reference public sector modern award covers,to the exclusion of any other award (including any other State reference public sector modern award): (a) the Employers,in respect of their employment of the Employees;and. 12.3 An Employee is entitled to an unpaid meal break,free of assigned duties,for a period of not less than 30 minutes no later than five hours from commencing work,other than an Early Childhood Teacher,where the break will be not less than 45 minutes,unless the Employer and Employee agree otherwise.

3.2 Where this award refers to a condition of employment provided for in the NES,the NES definition applies.

Required to act on behalf of the leadership team in the delivery of client services.

B.10.5 Where the employer and employee wish to establish a continuing employment relationship following the completion of the trial period,a further contract of employment will be entered into based on the outcome of assessment under clause B.5. B.7.2 Work Features and Skill Requirements –ES 6.

(iv) Ability to receive and sort documents and distribute or process according to established procedures.

div.region-sidebar-first > div#block-menu-block-5{display:none !important;} Features and Skill Requirements:defines the difficulty of the work,the skill level required by the position and the level of assistance the position receives through expert advice,manuals and documented procedures.

The main feature,which distinguishes this position from the ES 5 across a wide range of support services,is its management role and accountability for the delivery of a major project or program within a school or group of schools. In this regard it may be one of a number of positions contributing to the decision making process or project at hand. (ii) A school environment necessitates communication with children,teachers and parents about routine policy and procedural matters. D.6.2 A trainee is entitled to be released from work without loss of continuity of employment and to payment of the appropriate wages to attend any training and assessment specified in,or associated with,the training contract.

11.2 Notice of termination by an employer - teachers. 10.4 Notice of termination is provided for in the NES. 25.2 Leave on full pay of up to three days may be granted to an Employee on the occasion of the death of a member of his or her immediate family or household,inclusive of compassionate leave entitlements under the NES. Advice provided to the leadership team is expected to be properly researched and analysed carrying with it a level of expertise relating to the work area.

(ii) Subject to clauses C.5.2(f) and C.5.3 of this schedule,the minimum wages for an adult trainee undertaking a part-time AQF Certificate Level IV traineeship are as follows,provided that the relevant wage level is that for the relevant AQF Certificate Level III traineeship: (i) Where the full-time ordinary hours of work are not 38 or an average of 38 per week,the appropriate hourly minimum wage is obtained by multiplying the relevant minimum wage in clauses C.5.2(a)–(e) of this schedule by 38 and then dividing the figure obtained by the full-time ordinary hours of work per week. Typical examples would be basic instruction to students in areas such as music,language,handling of equipment and chemicals,preparing chemicals and equipment for student experiments,locating and researching source material and operation of computer software. 12.2 The classification levels of Education Support positions will be determined in accordance with the Dimensions of Work in Schedule B.

(i) Able to follow existing processes,guidelines and established procedures and,where necessary,make modifications. ●Assist in developing good relations with families attending the service. background-color: #393E45;

An Early Childhood Educator who,as part of his or her regular daily duties,is required to undertake general cleaning,including the cleaning of toilets and closets,will be entitled to an annual allowance of 0.94% of the standard rate. Victorian Government Schools Award 2016 [MA000155] Victorian Government Schools - Early Childhood - Award 2016 [MA000152] Victorian Local Government Award 2015 [MA000132] Victorian Local Government (Early Childhood Education Employees) Award 2016 [MA000150] 10.3 A casual Employee receives payment and entitlements in accordance with clause 15. 21.1 Annual leave is provided for in the NES. B.1 This schedule defines the conditions which will apply to employees who because of the effects of a disability are eligible for a supported wage under the terms of this award.

(vii) Seeks cooperation from staff outside the work area to achieve objectives and determine priorities.

(c) where employment is for less than 40 hours per fortnight,a salary sub-division will apply for each 24 months of continuous employment as an Early Childhood Teacher. An Employee who is the spouse or de facto partner of a woman who gives birth to a baby,who has at least 12 months’continuous paid service,will be entitled to one weeks’paid partner leave in connection with the birth of a child for whom the Employee has accepted responsibility,to be taken either before and/or after the birth.

The following types of traineeship are available under this schedule: C.4.1 a full-time traineeship based on 38 ordinary hours per week,with 20% of ordinary hours being approved training;and. The process of review must be in accordance with the procedures for assessing capacity under the supported wage system.

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Note:The time to be included for the purpose of calculating the wages for part-time trainees whose approved training is fully off-the-job is determined by clause D.5.2(f)(ii) and not by this clause. 13.4 An Education Support Employee will be entitled to an unpaid meal break,free of assigned duties,for a period of not less than 30 minutes no later than five hours from commencing work. Key differences to the ES 3 level are that objectives are broadly stated (the position having input into the setting of those objectives) and there is control of a wide range of functions. Typical examples would be the technical support provided to school libraries,computer and science laboratories.

This position may involve management of a major school or district initiative,project or Department of Education and Training targeted strategy depending on the breadth of the management responsibilities. The contribution to the development of these objectives would generally relate to operational issues,although as a human resource practitioner some contribution would be expected in regard to the broader areas of staffing (eg staffing structures,quality assurance,staff welfare and professional development).

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