18 March, 2020. With the number of rainy days that continues to multiply, forget outings and excursions in the wilderness, especially as the possibilities of having a stormy weather are not to be neglected. Vietnam weather in June 2021.

“Fantastic Cambodian holiday” Weather data for Vietnam in june is derived from an average of the weather forecast since 2009 in Vietnam.

We will now ensure every trip we make to Asia is with this company.

Our Vietnam with Ease holiday takes you from city centre buzz through enthralling historic sites, to blissfully laid back beaches, giving a balanced taste of Vietnam’s cultural landscape.

Other travel companies could learn from them.

Peak temperatures are being hit across the country, which are combatted by occasional bursts of rain. Remember to bring clothes for rain.

The number of wet days, in general, is between 14 and 18. Is it the best time to go to Hanoi and Nha Trang? They don’t just provide an excellent trip but take the trouble to really get to know their clients and can make recommendations and suggestions that will enhance an already great experience. The wine list is an extensive one. No Bai Airport is 27 kilometers (16.8 miles) away. However this is unlikely to be severe, and whilst the showers will be slightly heavier than in previous months you can still expect plenty of dry and bright daylight hours (avg temp: 28°C). “Faultless customer service” On that day, the city has 13:24 hours of daylight. Roll on to March and with 3 weeks to go - everything changes in the world and Coronavirus changes the game.

The average wind speed remains almost constant from the beginning to the end of June.
Before you order a meal, however, confirm that the chosen restaurant accepts credit cards. The weather in Vietnam can vary slightly from year to year, but these predictions should limit surprises. What is Vietnam weather in June/ July like?

Firstly how strange it is to review a holiday company for a holiday you never got to go on! Airy rooms and suites feature air-conditioners, flat-screen cable TVs, free toiletries, minibars, tea/coffee makers and free internet access.

Nothing was too much trouble.”

The central region sits heavily in the summer months, with high temperatures and a thick humidity hovering over the region. 13 March, 2020. “Absolutely Fabulous!” Besides higher temperatures and precipitation, high humidity is another characteristic of Hanoi, the Vietnamese capital, this time of year.

Please ask for it and check to ensure that everything you booked (flights, hotels and other services) is listed on it.
Guides were great. Early mornings around 4 am are least windy, in general. SelectiveAsia were responsible for all travel while in Malaysia but I’d booked the flights to and from the country through BA.

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