You can use this water drop picture as background for different projects. views: Looking for unique pool water textures? Photoshop blood background with blood veins and vessels that you can use for free. This is a scary blood water texture with waves that you can download for free. Then this free water texture should be right up your task. The texture has very soft blue water ripples with sun reflection. This aqua pattern texture will professionally enhance the shot or design in several seconds!

This is a free stock photo of three dolphins jumping in a blue sea water with splashes. submitted by:admin

Amaze your viewers with this vibrant underwater texture that opens up a lot of possibilities for your designs. Making color correction, give preference to HDR Lightroom Presets for a dramatic look. You can use this sci fi computer game texture to create strange organic liquid walls; this image can also be used as abstract bubbles background. Besides, it’s quite difficult to take a close-to-life photo of azure waves. Price: Free. Free sea water cube cross-section PNG stock image that you can download and use in your photo manipulations.

You can do it by applying the Waves texture. Free Water Photoshop Texture. Create an underwater background in Photoshop using this seamless water texture. Free Watercolor Textures for Photoshop can be used for photo manipulations, web, graphic design projects, some branding tasks, etc. Add vintage vibes to your designs using this old paper texture bundle! Try these cool backgrounds water textures and your designs will not go unnoticed! They are also sold in the market after printing and are much popular among the wallpaper lovers.

The ocean speaks to many people and your images can reach them too if you decide to download this Photoshop water texture. Look through this collection and choose your favorite ones. 11922 © Copyright 2020 | All Rights Reserved. Download these 10 jpg textures + Photohop pat watercolor textures for free. This running water texture has been designed in deep blue color with light accents. This sci-fi liquid texture similar to blood can be downloaded for free. This river water texture can be used to create water surface background easily. Horror background for Photoshop with scary human hands underwater. 1211 This underwater cube PNG image can be used in Photoshop manipulations. 14927 Dramatic sea texture with foam of water that you can use to create realistic water surface in Photoshop. submitted by:admin A design asset is a solution, which can enhance design work by a significant margin and in the case of these water textures, one can say that it is a photo manipulation option or even a great back ground picture for websites. The white foam generates contrast and also makes it more effervescent. Enhance your beach and sea photos with this high-quality azure water texture and make them even more eye-catching. Dark black sea water texture that you can use for free in your Photoshop manipulations. It offers a different look to the view, and those who love to have a different sort of wallpaper can definitely go for this one. Test this seamless water background and share your impressions. With the help of this texture, you can make your works truly mesmerizing.

Do you know that gold background images are still in trend? Would you like to get acquainted with water textures but don’t know where to start? With the help of these rain textures, you will add romantic touches or dramatic feel to the frame. Make your photo even more unforgettable by applying an azure-blue clear water effect with the help of the Miracle texture. Simply add the falling rain texture overlay in Photoshop and set the blend mode to Screen or Lighten. If you need to create a stormy atmosphere, make sure to download this texture. Many companies which produce aerated drinks use blue or water texture as their primary background for their logo or design. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Check out what we have. This high res Water Texture Pack is simply overflowing with high quality rushing white water textures that will make you rush to complete that download. The high-resolution sea ocean water texture can be used as a background for a travel website or even a blog. This black water background isn’t exactly what you were looking for? views: rating: Feel free to experiment with this water splash texture! Add the Relaxed Mood texture to your pictures to create a relaxed feeling in one click. 7441 Impress clients with stylish effects! Water in a photo will acquire a bluish tone reminiscent of the ocean colors and texture. The image of water can be a calming and relaxing influence. If you want to brighten up your backgrounds and are a fan of maritime themes, this is one of the first textures of water you should download. Create Photoshop falling rain photo effects in just a few seconds with this rain texture overlay. 4942 You can use this sea water texture in Photoshop to create beach water effect or underwater effect for your photo manipulations. submitted by:admin You can download this rain puddle texture for free. submitted by:admin The texture and colour of water can look graceful even when it is used in 2D or 3D Designs. Top 20 Free and Paid Photoshop Water Textures With the help of these pre-made Photoshop water textures, you can add a realistic water surface to your photos. views: Do you need seamless water textures for your ad campaigns or travel photographs? The 3D cube is made from underwater textures and ocean waves texture. Watercolor brushes for Photoshop are a versatile resource for your design toolkit. Water brings dynamism in an image; the ripples can denote sporadic movement. Test these textures and see how they will transform your designs. The moonlight black lake water texture is great for creating night Photoshop manipulations. Black texture options seem gloomy and not attractive? views: We’ve designed a large collection of Water Textures for Photoshop that can become a perfect addition to your arsenal, especially if you’re a travel photographer or blogger. views: This water seamless texture can be a terrific addition to your design toolkit, especially if you’re looking for something minimalistic and calming. Incorporate water drops into the frame, making the composition stylish and creative. Just check out the notes of the authors to know which ones are permitted. Sunlight or light falling on water or through glass can … 50+ Absolutely Free Watercolor Textures for Photoshop July 7, 2018 amy Freebies Comments Off on 50+ Absolutely Free Watercolor Textures for Photoshop The watercolor design is developing prominent step by step, so we’ve chosen to assemble the best free, yet proficient assets for visual architects inquisitive about this pattern. rating: Show a heavy sea in your pics even if it was impossible to capture sea swells in all their beauty during an actual photoshoot. Thanks to it your travel pics will become even brighter and the water surface will enhance the overall composition. The high-quality water reflection texture is totally free, and you can set it as your wallpaper on your smartphone or desktop PC. Blue lagoon with jumping dolphins stock image that you can download for free. The shades of blue can be altered to create contrast or to give your final design some character. 3155 Apply it and be ready for impressive results. If you are looking how to create rain effect in Photoshop this texture is what you need. Don’t know how to emphasize the subject in the frame? Add water to the background of your images with this water texture free to create a charming, summertime atmosphere. 15185 views: Perhaps, it’s time to try them one more time.

There are textures of a wide variety of colors and patterns available, from ripple effects to sea waves. The textures are highly customizable and suitable for graphic designers and photographers. Combine this falling rain texture with our rainbow overlay for creating even more interesting effects. This is a horror red water texture with a pond ripple effect. Go to Edit > Define Brush to define this texture as a brush, and name it Temp_Brush_1. This Photoshop premade under water background can be downloaded for free. Adding a fascinating water texture to the background of sites, posters, postcards, pennants, and even to the content itself is an extraordinary approach to make a design emerge. 3197 If you enjoy water textures, this option might interest you. It can be perfectly used as a wallpaper on your desktop or smartphone. Water Surface Styles. submitted by:admin Here we have gathered 28+ Water Textures that you can download and utilize for your upcoming design project. Adding a fascinating water texture to the background of sites, posters , postcards , pennants, and even to the content itself is an extraordinary approach to … Professional designers have created an amazing sea texture that makes a marvelous realistic impression. This collection features many high-resolution watercolor textures in various shapes, colors, and forms. Watercandies Bonus Textures .

Try this sea water texture and see if it is really so. Use this seamless image as pond water texture, to create summer beach water backgrounds and so on. 3821 It can offer a perfect combination of technology with nature. submitted by:admin

It will be a perfect fit for your designs! rating: Great for your creativity, for website, 3d programs, banners, billboards, presentations, business cards, postcards, leaflets, flyers, flash and web backgrounds, desktop backgrounds and more. Apply it and you will make any project better.

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