If you’re at a loss at what music should accompany processional and big entrance of the day, don’t worry. Even better?

Why We Love It: "An emotional piano symphony that adequately mirrors the sentiments of the moment", Why We Love It: "A sweet and charming piano suite that's filled with the whimsical joy of young love", Why We Love It: "An exciting composition of violin concerti that mimics the changing emotions throughout your special day", Why We Love It: "A piece that embodies hope and causes the heart to swell along with the symphony making this the perfect soundtrack for new beginnings", Why We Love It: "Daaa dum da dum, daaa dum da dum. You may have heard this song played on an organ, but you can also choose other instruments, like the piano, for this piece. ", "Processional" by Josh GarrelsFrom the album: Love & War and the Sea in Between, 2012Lyrics you'll love: Instrumental, "The Rose" by WestlifeFrom the album: The Love Album, 2006Lyrics you'll love: Some say love, it is a river, that drowns the tender reed/Some say love, it is a razor, that leaves your soul to bleed/Some say love, it is a hunger, an endless aching need/I say love, it is a flower, and you, its only seed. Some creative couples even opt to choreograph a fun dance for the wedding party entrance (#squadgoals)! So many country songs focus on romance and falling in love, so there’s numerous options to select from. While some are more serious and thoughtful, like Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud,” there are also lively and cheerful songs, like “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. ", "I Run to You," by Lady AntebellumFrom the album: Lady Antebellum, 2008Lyrics You'll Love: "This world keeps spinning faster/Into a new disaster so I run to you/I run to you baby/When it all starts coming undone. All eyes are on you as you walk down the aisle during your wedding ceremony! If you'd like to keep God at the center of your ceremony, you'll probably want your wedding party to use a Christian wedding processional song. "You & Me" by Dave Matthews BandFrom the album: Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King, 2009Lyrics you'll love: "We gonna take a boat to the end of the world/All the way to the end of the world/Oh, and when the kids are old enough/We're gonna teach them to fly. ", "Crazy in Love" by Béyonce feat. “Air on the G String” – JS Bach. Looking for the best wedding checklist?
", "Only Love" by Ben HowardFrom the album: Every Kingdom, 2011Lyrics you'll love: "Darling you're with me, always around me/Only love, only love/Darling I feel you, under my body/Only love, only love/Give me shelter, or show me heart/Come on love, come on love. "I Was Married" by Tegan and SaraFrom the album: The Con, 2007Lyrics you'll love: "I married in the sun (tell me where tell me where)/Against the stone of buildings built before/You and I were born (start again start again)", "Salted Wound" by SiaFrom the album: Fifty Shades of Grey (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), 2015Lyrics you'll love: "Lonely float got in the way/You are the feel, and knew it anyway/Take a chance, it wasn't what you know/Take my hand, and don't let go.

Beautiful, but slightly less traditional than classical music, instrumental wedding processional songs make perfect choices for walking down the aisle songs. If you click through and make a purchase, we'll earn a small commission, at no additional cost to you. Created by Yeah Weddings | Privacy Policy | Terms | Contact Us, All eyes are on you as you walk down the aisle during your wedding ceremony! This tune gives us all the fairytale feels", Why We Love It: "A heartwarmingly touching piece that mirrors the fragile moment of ending one chapter of your life and opening a new one", Lyrics of Love: "A rose will bloom/It then will fade/So does a youth/So does the fairest maid/Comes a time when one sweet smile/Has it's season for awhile/Then love's in love with me", Why We Love It: "This exciting and celebratory orchestral suite makes for an epic grand entrance", Why We Love It: "A soothing and tender piano composition to lead you down the aisle", Why We Love It: "This hearty and full-bodied tune is ideal for filling out large ceremony venues with its grandeur", Why We Love It: "This simple arrangement is full of depth, making it an ideal accompaniment to an introspective walk down the aisle", Why We Love It: "A sweet and delicate melody full of love and affection perfectly reflects the sentiments of the moment", Lyrics of Love: "I met you in the dark/You lit me up/You made me feel as though/I was enough/We danced the night away/We drank too much/I didn't know that I was/Ready for love", Lyrics of Love: "Think about it, there must be higher love/Down in the heart and in the stars above/Without it, life is wasted time/Look inside your heart, I'll look inside mine", Lyrics of Love: "Angel sent from up above/You know you make my world light up/When I was down when I was hurt/You came to lift me up/Life is a drink and love's a drug/Now I think I must be miles up", Lyrics of Love: "My whole heart/Will be yours forever/This is a beautiful start/To a lifelong love letter/Tell the world that we finally got it all right/I choose/You/I will become yours and you will become mine", Lyrics of Love: "I've been spending all my time/Just thinking about ya/I don't know what to do/I think I'm fallin' for you/I've been waiting all my life/And now I found ya", Lyrics of Love: "My love/There's only you in my life/The only thing that's right/My first love/You're every breath I take/You're every step I make/And I/I want to share/All my love with you/No one else will do", Lyrics of Love: "I feel wonderful because I see/The love light in your eyes/And the wonder of it all/Is that you just don't realize how much I love you", Lyrics of Love: "I am no hero/And that's for sure/But I know one thing/That's where you are, is where I belong/I do know/Where you go/Is where I want to be", Lyrics of Love: "It is love we must hold onto/Never easy, but we try/Sometimes our happiness is captured/Somehow, our time and place stand still/Love lives on inside our hearts and always will", Lyrics of Love: "It's a beautiful day/Don't let it get away/It's a beautiful day/Touch me, take me to that other place/Teach me, I know I'm not a hopeless case", Lyrics of Love: "It's just you and me/On my island of hope/A breath between us could be miles/Let me surround you/My sea to your shore/Let me be the calm you seek", Lyrics of Love: "There's nothing you can know that isn't known/Nothing you can see that isn't shown/There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be/It's easy/All you need is love", Lyrics of Love: "And when I come home, I know/I'm gonna be the man who's coming home to you/And when I'm dreaming, well I know/I'm gonna dream about the time when I'm with you", Lyrics of Love: "A time to love/A time to sing, a time to shine/A time to leave, a time to stay/There is a time, a time to cry/A time to love, a time to live/There is a time, a time to sing/A time to love", Lyrics of Love: "Hopelessly/I feel like there might be something that I'll miss/Hopelessly/I feel like the window closes oh-so quick/Hopelessly/I'm taking a mental picture of you now", Lyrics of Love: "We're heading for something/Somewhere I've never been/Sometimes I am frightened/But I'm ready to learn/Of the power of love", Lyrics of Love: "I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend/Lucky to have been where I have been/Lucky to be coming home again/Lucky we're in love in every way/Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed", Lyrics of Love: "I hear it calling outside my window/I feel it in my soul/The stars were burning so bright/The sun was out till midnight/I say we lose control", Lyrics of Love: "But there is not enough time/And there is no song I could sing/And there is no combination of words I could say/But I will still tell you one thing/We're better together", Lyrics of Love: "I'm falling even more in love with you/Letting go of all I've held onto/I'm standing here until you make me move/I'm hanging by a moment here with you", Lyrics of Love: "Every time our eyes meet/This feeling inside me/Is almost more than I can take/Baby, when you touch me/I can feel how much you love me/And it just blows me away", Lyrics of Love: "In case you didn't know/Baby I'm crazy 'bout you/And I would be lying if I said/That I could live this life without you/Even though I don't tell you all the time/You had my heart a long, long time ago", Lyrics of Love: "When I said I do, I meant that I will till the end of all time/Be faithful and true, devoted to you/That's what I had in mind when I said I do", Lyrics of Love: "This world keeps spinning faster/Into a new disaster so I run to you/I run to you baby/And when it all starts coming undone/Baby you're the only one I run to/I run to you", Lyrics of Love: "This is my first love song/First time I felt the words/First time I sang along/Whenever it comes on/I just think of you/And everything you do/You're my one, my from now on", Lyrics of Love: "When the evening shadows and the stars appear/And there is no one to dry your tears/I could hold you for a million years/To make you feel my love", Lyrics of Love: "'Cause God gave me you for the ups and downs/God gave me you for the days of doubt/For when I think I've lost my way/There are no words here left to say, it's true/God gave me you", Lyrics of Love: "You're my angel, you saved my life/I can't believe we're standin' here/What's mine is yours, and yours is mine/I'll love you till the end of time/I wanna spend forever with you/I do I do", Lyrics of Love: "I'm gonna be here for you baby/I'll be a man of my word/Speak the language in a voice that you have never heard/I wanna sleep with you forever/And I wanna die in your arms", Lyrics of Love: "Ordinary no, really don't think so/Not a love this true/Common destiny/We were meant to be/Me and you", Lyrics of Love: "I said, cowboy take me away/Fly this girl as high as you can into the wild blue/Set me free, oh, I pray/Closer to heaven above and closer to you/Closer to you", Lyrics of Love: "I do, cherish you/For the rest of my life/You don't have to think twice/I will, love you still, from the depths of my soul/It's beyond my control/I've waited so long to say this to you", Lyrics of Love: "If you wonder how long I'll be faithful/I'll be happy to tell you again/I'm gonna love you forever and ever/Forever and ever, amen", Lyrics of Love: "The smile on your face lets me know that you need me/There's a truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me/A touch of your hand says you'll catch me if ever I fall", Lyrics of Love: "From this moment, life has begun/From this moment, you are the one/Right beside you is where I belong/From this moment on", Lyrics of Love: "Cause I'm not easy to understand/But you know me like the back of your hand/I'm your girl and you're my man/And we're makin' plans", Lyrics of Love: "Go to sleep, may your sweet dreams come true/Just lay back in my arms for one more night/I've this crazy old notion that calls me sometimes/Saying this one's the love of our lives", Lyrics of Love: "Walk through this world with me/Go where I go/Share all my dreams with me/I need you so/In life we search/And some of us find/I've looked for you/A long, long time", Lyrics of Love: "I'll be loving you, always/With a love that's true, always/When the things you plan/Need a helping hand/I will understand, always, always", Lyrics of Love: "In a way I know my heart is waking up/As all the walls come tumbling down/Closer than I've ever felt before/And I know, and you know/There's no need for words right now", Why We Love It: "An acoustic rendition of the Oasis's willfully romantic rock song", Why We Love It: "A sweet acoustic interpretation of Ed Sheeran's affectionate pop ballad", Why We Love It: "The Beatles's famously bright and cheery song performed instrumentally on acoustic guitar", Why We Love It: "A string performance of Ben E. King's romantic ballad", Why We Love It: "An orchestral rendition of Jason Mraz's pop love song", Why We Love It: "A haunting violin, cello, and bass cover of Hozier's gritty, contemporary soul piece", Lyrics of Love: "Bittersweet and strange/Finding you can change/Learning you were wrong/Certain as the sun/Rising in the east/Tale as old as time/Song as old as rhyme/Beauty and the Beast", Lyrics of Love: "When you wish upon a star/Makes no difference who you are/Anything your heart desires will come to you/If your heart is in your dream/No request is too extreme", Lyrics of Love: "I can show you the world/Shining, shimmering, splendid/Tell me, princess/Now when did you last let your heart decide?/I can open your eyes/Take you wonder by wonder", Lyrics of Love: "The twisting kaleidoscope/Moves us all in turn/There's a rhyme and reason/To the wild outdoors/When the heart of this star-crossed voyager/Beats in time with yours", Lyrics of Love: "So this love/So this is what makes life divine/I'm all aglow and now I know/The key to our heaven is mine/My heart has wings and I can fly/I'll touch every star in the sky", Lyrics of Love: "A dream is a wish your heart makes/When you're fast asleep/In dreams you will lose your heartaches/Whatever you wish for, you keep", Lyrics of Love: "Fling out my arms and to sing out/The news I have found her she's an angel/With the dust of the stars in her eyes/We are dancing/We are flying/And she's taking me back to the skies", Lyrics of Love: "You've got a friend in me/If you've got troubles, I've got 'em too/There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you/We stick together and can see it through/'Cause you've got a friend in me", Lyrics of Love: "Someday my prince will come/Someday we'll meet again/And away to his castle we'll go/To be happy forever I know/Someday when spring is here/We'll find our love anew", Lyrics of Love: "Now's your moment/Floating in a blue lagoon/Boy, you better do it soon/The time will be better/She don't say a word/And she won't say a word/Until you kiss that girl", Lyrics of Love: "Someday I wish upon a star/Wake up where the clouds are far behind me/Where trouble melts like lemon drops/High above the chimney tops that’s where you'll find me", Lyrics of Love: "Darling, don't be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years/I'll love you for a thousand more/And all along I believed, I would find you/Time has brought your heart to me", Lyrics of Love: "Let me be your shelter/Let me be your light/You're safe, no one will find you/Your fears are far behind you", Lyrics of Love: "Pride can stand a thousand trials/The strong will never fall/But watching stars without you my soul cried/Heaving heart is full of pain/'Cause, I'm kissing you", Lyrics of Love: "This will be an everlasting love/You've brought a lot of sunshine into my life/You've filled me with happiness I never knew/You gave me more joy than I ever dreamed of", Lyrics of Love: "Some enchanted evening, when you find your true love/When you hear her call you across a crowded room/Then fly to her side and make her your own/Or all through your life you may dream all alone", Lyrics of Love: "Now, we don't need a big house/We don't need any money/All we need is you and me/And Sadie and Sunny/I got everything I want/Growing old with you".
Instrumental Wedding Songs. We have more songs for you to go through, and we even have a set of line dance songs you can dance the night away with your guests.

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