Do we want to break the mirror because we have stared at the dark reflection, for too long and… it is showing us something about us which we don’t want to see, to own, to know? pps.

Home – that place where there’s someone in this world who knows everything about me without my needing to tell them (but I can if I want to and know I will be listened to and heard – and also expected to listen and hear what I’m saying), who doesn’t need to ask questions (including ones which no one asks) because they can see the answers before the questions. A couple are the sort of practical question which a business might ask of you in a product development or sales pitch survey…. Some will even go as far as calling it an out-of-body experience. Mirrors reverse the direction of the image in an equal yet opposite angle from which the light shines upon it. A bathroom is probably the easiest. I do understand their annoyance, it annoys me too when others do something similar… it should annoy me about myself too, but they don’t know me like I know me. Thanks for this interesting and deep post. The point is that if you managed to find a bit of understanding for them, then maybe you could be able to look at some real-life narcissists from a slightly different perspective and give them a second chance as well.”. Questions which begin with – What happens if – are my favourite type of question, since they usually mark the beginning of a learning adventure. Sometimes it adds – Hi, how are you doing? I spent over 20 years with him and if course it wasn’t all horrible, but there’s no way I’d go back to it. What happens if you stare at the mirror for too long in the dark? What happens if you own your personal power, your part in how it is used for and against you? I'm Ursula. There is only one way back if you get too far into this.

The challenge to figure out right use of power. One of the most bizarre questions which I have been asked was – Do you think your mother wished that she could have a retroactive abortion?

Staring at a computer or phone screen for too long can cause: Reviewed We care about your derriere!

Where do I begin with this one. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health.

The drinking got the better of him and my daughters & I were finally able to make our escape when he traveled 2000 miles away. You may have experienced this during the peak, however now you will not feel scared of what's in the mirror, but one with it. He would slip through a crevice and hide under a boulder if you tried to catch him, impossible to follow, never to be reached. (please check those blogs out, they have nourishing food for thought). You'll know that you're past the peak when you get the next feeling. It’s good to see myself and know that I look real.

Highly skilled at not doing things properly. They open a door of perception and all this stuff pours out, like one of those cupboards where you’ve piled too many things inside. He was very sensitive and he used his sensitivity in his career as a professional artist… and to find people’s weak spots so he could hurt them, manipulate them. They definitely still exist, a quick search online and the world become very sweet and colourful. Whitney Seltman Coming from the personal experience of having given the narcissists in my life hundreds of second chances… I wouldn’t advise doing that, unless you’re okay with being screwed over again and again and kicking yourself repeatedly for doing that over and over again… when will you learn!?! – try it out for yourself and find out…. As far as I know, they don’t exist any more. I actually became a better listener because of my conversations with narcissists, to combat the effects of gaslighting and confusion caused by their constant U-turns, changes of allegiance, switches in story. © 2005 - 2019 WebMD LLC. Responsibility is a Saturn issue, and a Capricorn one too. Every time I managed to extricate my mother from one of her dramas, she’d create another one to fall into and then she’d cry for help again. Pluto in the 1st house of Self trine Sun in the 5th house of creativity deals with the Saturn square Sun constant battering of ego by regularly creatively restructuring itself. Public Enemy Number Lilith - Lilith in the 10th house with a side order of Pluto, The Midheaven and 10th House: What You Want to Be and Who They Think You Are, The Absent Father and The Devouring Mother. He did move sideways like a crab. What is your personal power? Some people are always chasing what is not there and fear what is there….

OMG! Turn out all the lights, and draw the blinds if there are any. Yet before you can know what to do, you need to acknowledge, understand and articulate (if only to yourself) how you feel. What happens if you react differently from how you usually react? Some you possibly liked, felt sympathy for, wanted to help, or even fantasized about. I’m guilty of the latter, not for lasting impression reasons (I’ve learned the hard way that that’s not always a good thing) but for bored and overactive curiosity reasons, and judging by some of the reactions I’ve had to questions I’ve asked… I shouldn’t have asked that as they didn’t have a pre-prepared answer. I knew I was lost, had lost myself to others… and others weren’t really appreciating the sacrifice because… they never do, it’s never enough for them, if you’re doing it they tend to tell themselves that it’s because you want to. – especially if you want me to buy a ticket on your train to Shitville. What are you feeling, and do you have any strategies to address it?”. The narcissist also acts as a mirror for those who are in a relationship with a narcissist. It must really suck to BE them, but I can’t save mine & you can’t save yours and really, do they even want to be saved?

Once you’ve used our products you’ll never want to use an indoor toilet ever again! A narcissist as our mirror can show us our own darkness – do we own it or reject it?

My reflection was a friend in a small world full of what often felt like foes (adults telling child me who I was, what I looked like, and how it was always wrong somehow, stuff like that which can make you never want to or never be able to look at yourself… and see what is there).

I’ve been told, sometimes by random strangers, that I have kind eyes. You can shut them up mid-sentence. How can eating well help keep your eyes healthy. Or, to correct myself, just about as far as anyone has dared to find out. Sometimes I think narcissists turn up in our lives to inadvertently help us to let go of stuff which we no longer need.

Our relationship was an oppositional one, mirroring the Cancer/Capricorn opposition.

They were a lot of fun, though. But what exactly is it that you so desperately need to get away from? Yes, I know this is a pretty odd request and it'll feel silly to do, but nobody's watching, right? Curious people love questions, to ask them, to have them asked of them by other naturally curious people (questions from non-curious people aren’t real questions, they’re just setting you up for a fall into their trap)… and taking their time to find answers, lots of different, divergent, developing answers. I was better at handling people dishing out shit during RL life-chess games than she was – because she always handed that sort of thing over to me.

He was a big influence (he’s partly the reason why I have difficulty seeing myself as having talent – his talent was so visible, palpable, always in my face)… his personality was huge, made bigger by others who needed his personality to be huge for them – he sometimes liked that because it gave him a lot of power over others, and sometimes he desperately resented the intrusion of it, the burden of it, and the fact that it gave him power over others. What’s going on with you? Fistfights and wars may be among the most violent.

There are times when we can think of confrontation as being like a dance: two partners facing each other, moving in synchrony with give and take, or with a clear lead and a responsive follow. Well, if I can get past noticing the lastest wrinkle, and telling myself that I’m getting a lot of them but that I’ve earned them and that they’re badges of experience … nope. Stream What Happens When You Look in the Mirror Too Long?

It's almost over. It’s worth the temporary hurt (which can feel like it’ll last forever but it won’t). ... and my face would morph into the face of my rapist. Those that have done it will know what I'm talking about. Who looked moved first, the vision or the reflection? – to which I answered – Yes, I’m sure she’s wished that many times –  and then I added something along the lines of – I’ve wished that she could have one too.

She listened, she heard, she didn’t judge… instead she helped me to perceive, understand, work things out.

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