Its mainly all the walking and the desire to push through the pain because I went on vacation to do things..not sit around. Arn – what treatment did you use?

aint it so nice to see all the remastered Star trek epis coming out now , Ha…I grew up on the old Star Trek episodes. I can always do a little more then, and credit it to the reduction of stress in my normal life style. It’s very disheartening, but I probably only have myself to blame, as I didn’t listen to my body and take the necessary rest when I should have. It helped a lot.

The Clinic asked me to log my daily activities in fifteen minute segments, categorised as rest, sleep, low demand, medium demand and high demand.

Thomas, were you referring to “seretonin”? time napping – perhaps 2 naps a day and another 3 hrs of sleep.
I drink only filtered water at home. I think for me it would be a kind of tightening of muscles and shortening of breathe when I go walking.

Research online if you’re up to it. So I began to ignore the bed rest and push through the fatigue, the light-headedness, the vertigo, until finally I started to get the symptoms of air hunger, very scary feeling that is. I find I can not be engaged, and cant handle visual stimulation. One acts as a sleep inducer and the other an Antidepressant. I would like to add. I am currently suffering a crash indeed, I have to say that the last year has been quite good for my health, but unfortunately it has not been the case in the last month, the reason: EBV I just suffered a reactivation of my mononucleosis, and the IgM of EBV came positive in the blood work. then it is over with for a few hrs or until the evening down time..

However, went doing some researches on that reality in scientific or medical papers, the term “crash” isn’t used that much.

How long do your relapses last?

when I then lie down, and cease activity, I realise I think I can come up with some kind of log. by Cort Johnson | Feb 26, 2013 | Community Reports | 109 comments. Been in bed for days, please tell me there is hope. Writing all this because oxygen is delivered in different ways, pressure, etc. There is first the question of what consitutes a crash.
Get outside.

The symptoms we all know of CFS. Co enzyme Q10(.not sure if that works tbh)

Obviously it is extremely important also to check that the treatment centre adhere to strict guidelines and safety procedures. I don’t see that I can ever recover from this one.’, ‘You need 4th stage sleep, a continuous block of it when your body temperature has fallen and you are slightly hypoglycemic. I find that when I am up, doing something – seated or walking about –

I find the only thIng I can do to help myself out of a crash -is to pull away from everything.

I will try the points system that you have outlined here, as it’s methodical and that works for me.

I sometimes have life that interferes with that.

I’ve found that high THC cannabis works really well. Initally I felt that going to the infusion center, spending hrs there did not result in any net gain from the fluids. Once crashed, my insomina completely shifts and moves from insomina into the opposite hypersomnia.

Seriously, it works, but you have to be strict about it, and sometimes guilt or frustration get in the way and I “cheat” a little, resulting in extra days of illness for me for each need I neglect in the beginning.

And music and petting the cat (purr therapy).”. (someone can correct my rough paraphrasing here …been a few years since I read it all…but body uses seretonum to utilize oxygen etc in the blood during exercise etc so…with lack of rem 3 4 state no seretonum created ,thus we wake already tired/depleted b4 we even start next days exercise, along with this to help regulate sleep back to a more normal one ,10 mins in morning looking towards (not at ) the sun ,tells body to stop making seretonum and start making meletonum, first year or so I was bed ridden with the illness and also id noticed I NEVER dreamed, within months of starting this regimin ,I was back walking dog a mile everyday ,and id started dreaming again ,which I took as reaching deep sleep states agin, Im one of the lucky ones that didn’t get WRONGLY DIAGNOSED Chronic Depression,and over fed on LARGE doses of antis ,usually at WRONG time of day ,which over time screwed up whole system and hid real issue, for seretonum regulation to work it has to be taken at dinner time say,or 5 hours b4 bed, but it sure got me back a lot (say 60 70 perc of normal) and sure reduces the pain,since majority of our pain is Lactic acid buildup which doesn’t go away… lol all those aches under arms and across chest that feel like heart attacks, if I can reduce the pain ,without needing as much panadol etc….then liver kidney functions also retun to close to normal(mine were way out at start b4 starting the nortypt cos I was on so much more panadol) For entertainment I read on my e-reader (large print as I also suffer from vertigo).

Mentally, I seem to be getting better at not catastrophising, some part of me recognises I can and will get back to my previous ‘functionality’.

3. drag myself for a massage once I’m well enough to get myself there. I’m really looking forward to it!

Is not a result of unusually difficult activity. I call it A.R.T. Required fields are marked *, HEALTH RISING IS NOT A 501 (c) 3 NON-PROFIT. While in the water I feel so comfortable that I lose track of how hard my muscles are working. Your personality. By September 2012, when I first visited the CFS/ME Specialist Clinic, they told me that there was very little information that they could give me to help as I had found most of it out for myself! Right now it is 1 – 2 Liters three times a week.

It was also found that I desaturate during sleep and I am on CPAP machine with low flow oxygen at night.

Cort you suggested Xafaxin as a sub for Desmopressin. I think if I could ever get this darn sinus infection cleared up and keep taking the grapeseed then hopefully it would help but I know the grapeseed does some good but just hasn't helped with the sinus or whatever I have. I do increase my fluids and salt intake but it’s just not the same as IV fluids. Thanks for your input. Sounds duff but *works*. I get help with grocery delivery, but I do find sticking to my healthy diet and the commitment of food prep helps. I joined Weight Watchers and learned how to use that points system to teach myself how to eat well.

But PEM takes a finite amount time to resolve no matter what you do (or not do) to recover from it, and I get deconditioned if I don’t do anything for several days. Staying calm is the most important thing for me, as it is very easy for me to get stressed over the things I can’t keep up with. Gee whiskers Cort I wish I were able to pinpoint having followed and applied the various supplements/regimes from those who know (eg. Make sure you don’t miss another  one by registering for our free ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia blogs here.. Far more effective than resting lying flat with eyes closed feeling like I might die and worried that I won’t. I have one very puzzled Endo.

And never looked back. There is a week of fatigue as your body is dealing with it, but then the brain improves immensly, and muscle aches are relieved.

Maybe it immediately threw out the HPA axis? It’s hard to remember what I did, but there was plenty of resting in a horizontal position, just having a sit down was not helpful.

Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Really juat listen to your body. Vacations? It’s given me hope.

Needless to say… I don’t use any tobacco products… Quickest way to poison yourself.

I tried to take a shower and thought I would pass out now so nauseated, well back to bed I go just had to vent as I am really scared. A couple of things with the thoughts…One thing that works for me sometimes is naming the type of thought or identifying the emotion associated with them.

All those hrs when too tired to watch TV, use the computer or use the phone.

So, like most of us, I do the best I can to minimize my chances of crashing while still accepting that most crashes are beyond my control. I chose the values as a starting point with the view to tweaking them if needed, but they seem to work so I haven’t changed them.

Now it is paying off – I am in my third week of IV Saline.

1. electrolyte drinks (coconut water is best), 4-5/day

I believe the gradual process was the KEY factor – using a points system to learn how to eat well and building up my body’s ability to oxygenate and get lactic acid moving out. Then did the yeast and parasite antiiviral cleanse.

What seems to work for me, if I’m expecting to be doing anything strenuous or expecting high temperatures (both of which regularly trigger a crash for me) is to pre-dose with n-acetylcysteine (NAC). amzn_assoc_region = "US";

I can have several good days in a row, then crash out for weeks. Keeping up with work may lead to spending evenings and weekends recovering from the effort.

!’, ‘haven’t found anything that works as well as nothing!’, ‘Nothing works for this last crash.

LDN didn’t, unfortunately, but i may give it another try. I’ve been bedridden but for a few forced outings for 14months and Im still getting worse. Last summer and autumn, I was able to get up early each morning and go with my husband for a short drive along the waterfront, then a cup of tea at a cafe.

It felt just like the first months of ME all over again. Have you any info on Desmopressin. Meditation. No stressing and no pushing yourself. So just have to wait until it can again.

My BP used to be very low but is now normal (perhaps my old age?).

So I then try to rest until I feel a bit better. Very important to get NUTRITIOUS, REAL foods without any artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, chemicals, or preservatives. The units are expensive, and you do need to be trained in safety in its operation, and need another individual with you while you are in the chamber. They would do nothing for me. Also I am a very stubborn person – once I have made up my mind to do something, I will achieve it. I think it’s important to make big decisions like giving up a stressful job early in the illness.

They watch me, and remind me to take it easy.

My symptoms seem to be a sore throat and lymph glands which I only have when too tired on a very odd occasion, and then fatigue.

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