UMass Amherst holds the license for WFCR, the National Public Radio affiliate for Western Massachusetts. [12] According to the National Science Foundation, UMass spent $211 million on research and development in 2018, ranking it 111th in the nation.[13][5]. This 220,000–square-foot building is home to researchers looking at things such as infertility and cancer. [27] Additionally, in 2010, it was named one of the "Top Colleges and Universities Contributing to Teach For America's 2010 Teaching Corps."[28]. We make significant contributions to the cultural and economic life of a major American city and enhance the commonwealth’s vital participation in the global community. Their most recent conference championship came in 2007, the inaugural season under the CAA name. Since our founding, we have emphasized teaching, research, and service activities that promote environmental protection and nurture sustainability, strive for responsible stewardship and conservation of resources, and enhance the natural environment—not least the marine environment around our campus on Dorchester Bay and Boston Harbor. The "HELP" phone network is composed of approximately 110 emergency phones scattered about campus, and are available for people to use for emergency calls if they feel they are in danger or in an uncomfortable situation.

In early 2016, the construction of a new electrical substation located near Tillson farm was completed. The most prominent is Fine Arts Center (FAC) built in 1975.

The library's special collections include works on movements for social change, African American history and culture, labor and industry, literature and the arts, agriculture, and the history of the surrounding region.[69]. Police accounts state that some students participated in disruptive behavior: knocking over trash bins and climbing trees. Relive your favorite experiences while discovering new ways to explore our diverse and vibrant city.

We strive to provide students world-class resources to help them Videos and visual accounts of most of these events can be found online. The event devolved into a shouting match between protesters and supporters of the speakers, and a recording of the event went viral on the Internet. UMass' success continued as they began competition in the Atlantic 10 Conference in 1997. Each possesses its own distinctive characteristics, inspired in part by location, in part by architecture, and in part by the different cultural or academic living/learning programs housed within.

UMass Amherst alumni and affiliates include 4 Nobel Prize laureates,[14] 1 National Humanities Medal winner,[15] numerous Fulbright,[16] Goldwater, Churchill,[17] Truman[18] and Gates Scholars[19] as well as several Pulitzer Prize recipients and Grammy, Emmy, and Academy Award winners. This area featured a 24-hour full-service cafe during its first year, but it soon became clear that 24-hour operation was not profitable. Their presence can be seen mostly in the residential areas, where the cadets work very closely with police officers and Residence Hall Security. Best of all, it’s free for students. With new buildings and scenic walkways creating a greener, more inviting campus, and with growing academic and research capabilities, UMass Boston will continue to break new ground as Boston’s public research university. Originally known as Goodell Library, the building was named for Henry H. Goodell, who had served as College Librarian, Professor of Modern Languages and English Literature, and eighth President of the Massachusetts Agricultural College.

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