"Heaven & Earth" is the third and final film in Oliver Stone's Vietnam War trilogy, after "Platoon" and "Born on the Fourth of July". But as long as people despise the power and strength of the arrogant and evil bully there will always be resistance until the bully eventually pulls back and his pride injured. Being an avid fan of Tommy Lee Jones, I watched this movie in anticipation. The memoir was first published in April 1989, with a tie-in edition to accompany the release of the film Heaven & Earth in 1993. The reason I am only giving this movie 8 out of 10, is because I really would've enjoyed to see more about their life in America, we find out bits and pieces and the final, tragic results, but never any story in between them, or what happened to lead up to them, it is a trial of patience and does end with more left to be desired, and questions unanswered, Stone could've gone into better detail in almost 150 minutes, but still a great film, that I recommend. This girl can show all of her inner torture yet innocence just through her eyes. Not only does the winding story, spacing three decades, give a resounding highlight to nearly all the important issues raised by the Vietnam experience, 1952 - 1982, but there is a magician's wand in play in regard to how he helps the viewer bridge the language divide, and it is this key that brilliantly emphasises the spiritual side of the story. She passes through the worst things in her life, since being tortured by Vietcong,being a fighter and also a teenager mother,who needs to be a prostitute in order to have something to her and her son to eat. 1-Click ordering is not available for this item.

Learn more about the program. [3], The memoir alternates between her childhood in Vietnam, and her return in 1986, to visit the friends and family she had not seen for so long. How can the supposed most powerful nation on earth loose a war? "Heaven & Earth", however, fails to give the viewer an insight into the pain and sorrow the victims really suffered, because it wants to be too dramatic and meaningful. The closer the film gets to its end it loses and loses credibility. In Vietnam she was reunited with the father of her first child, her sisters, brother, and her mother. Can anyone honestly say that while watching a war film they think of how whenever an enemy is killed it is someone's son or brother dying or, how the war is effecting the innocent ones? This is Oliver Stones third trip to Vietnam but unfortunately also the least interesting and successful. This movie is based on two books of memoirs written by Le Ly Hayslip, a Vietnamese woman who grew up in a simple farming village in central Vietnam but whose life --- and those of most Vietnamese people, we can infer --- is turned upside-down by the madness of the Vietnam War. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. Now she finds herself seeing tables of food wasted and is living with a family of plastic people who are following the American dream. Whether you are interested in Vietnam or just want a war film with something more than endless violence, this one is worth checking out. combining the stories of Lee Ly Hayslip's two successive American husbands into one, but the film treats the spirit of the story respectfully and overall gets it right.

It was fascinating and at times very difficult to watch. Very deep in the meaning it wants to drive home. I think it will always be difficult to nail down the myriad of reactions people have towards the Vietnam War. The South Vietnamese learned of her work, arrested and tortured her.

Tommy Lee Jones' storyline was unfitting and wrong for me, that I almost lost my complete interest in this woman's story, because I just didn't believe it anymore. The film actually functions as two separate works. Scenes of this joyous reunion are interwoven with the brutal war years, offering a poignant picture of vietnam, then and now, and of a courageous woman who experienced the true horror of the Vietnam War—and survived to tell her unforgettable story. This is the last movie in his Vietnam trilogy. Her memoir concludes with a plea for an end to the enmity between the Vietnamese and Americans. In adapting her story for the screen the director Oliver Stone and his team take permissible liberties with the facts e.g. Some truly amazing photography by Robert Richardson. As a stand-alone piece of work, "H&E" may grow somewhat tiresome after 2+ hours under the heavy-handed Stone auteuresmanship. Or maybe they were expecting something different from Stone, something more than that history - not so unusual as someone observed - of a simple vietnamese country girl. It turns out Steve is a nice guy. Especially when just coming out of hardships that are enough to twist anyone's heart into knots. This then levels off and we are left with a study of bigotry and how one mans possessions can corrupt his mind and blind his eyes. A different perspective of war, and very much needed one. Disappointed in life, and love, Lee Ley meets American GI Steve Butler -Jones- marries, and moves to America. FAQ Still, its worth watching, and its never boring. Several years later, she married an American contractor named Ed Munro and gave birth to another son. That's a shame given that Stones previous efforts where at least very solid, but even more because this was the first US-American film to put a Vietnamese victim into its centre. If you make the effort to forget the vietnam war, its historical and cultural legacy, to avoid being on the side of one of the armies (maybe is easier for me, being an italian), you'll discover one of the most intense movie about the family and the bonds with the earth where you belong. During the war she was first tortured by government troops, who suspected her of being a Vietcong agent, and then raped by the Vietcong themselves, who suspected her of being a traitor. The book will make you grit your teeth, turn your head, want to cry and yet yearn for understanding about how this all happened. When Le Ly and Steve move to American it stops being a war film and Stone gets a little carried away. Le Ly Hayslip is an inspiration! The movie is based upon two of Lelay Hayslip's memoirs which chronicle her growing up in Vietnam and the effects of war upon her, her family and her country. Le Ly Hayslip grew up in a village in what was then South Vietnam. A review in The Washington Post wrote that, "to Americans, almost always, the peasants of Vietnam were part of the scenery of the war, no more. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. Platoon was based on Stone's personal experience in Vietnam, he made an atmosphere where every step could bring death and there was no sympathy. A review by Pulitzer Prize-winning writer David K. Shipler for The New York Times wrote "If Hollywood has the courage to turn this book into a movie, then we Americans might finally have a chance to come to terms with the tragedy in Vietnam. A touching, heartbreaking story of a woman’s escape from the Vietnam War.

In Vietnam you had to work together and function as a team in order to achieve anything.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on November 7, 2014. Wow, some people live their lives the same way like robots till their death, but this woman lives her life with so many dramas. Oliver Stone read her memoir when it was published in 1989 and felt that his look at the Vietnam War was incomplete without telling the story from the perspective of the Vietnamese.

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on September 1, 2017, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on March 27, 2012. this book was a wonderful companion during my recent trip in Viet-Nam. Things that really happened such as army guys trying to bring Vietnamese wives back to American and trying to make it work out. If you're a seller, Fulfilment by Amazon can help you grow your business. This movie very accurately expresses a common view of the war by many Vietnamese people of the era -- that when a civil war like this occurs around you and your home with both sides there day and night your concept of right and wrong can easily change. Now, more than ever this film is very poignant. So you can never really win. The film version was also based in part on Hayslip's second book, Child of War, Woman of Peace, about her adaptation to life in the United States. This has happened throughout all of history in all the world empires. A solid three star flick, "H&E" is important inasmuch as it casts in concrete for posterity the Vietnamese perspective of the epic American fiasco in an entertaining movie format.

Never seeing the first two movies in this trilogy, I rented this copy from my local Blockbuster, thus crossing it off my list of films I have been meaning to see for a while. This movie gives a passionate and realistic view of the war. This is the last film in Oliver Stone's trilogy about the Vietnam war (the other two are 'Platoon' and 'Born on the 4th of July'). The Vietcong pressured her father to force Hayslip to become a saboteur. Why is it we believe we are something different? Please try your request again later. This story covers the lives affected by war. All the actors give commanding performances. [2], She fled to Da Nang where she worked as a maid, a black-market vendor, a waitress, a hospital worker and even a prostitute. She moved to Saigon where she was employed as a maid by a wealthy family, but was forced to leave after becoming pregnant by the head of the household. It shows how technological advantage and superior gun powder can't overcome one's love of home and the need to defend it.
The inhabitants spend most of their day peacefully growing rice because it is their only food source. Obviously the soldiers are trained to follow orders and not think about or question those orders. While working for a wealthy Vietnamese family with her mother in Saigon, Hayslip had a few sexual encounters with the landlord, Anh, and discovered she was pregnant. He optioned the book and the film was released in 1993. When Heaven and Earth Changed Places explains a very complicated situation and underlying reasons that American soldiers couldn't recognize the enemy and their methods couldn't match the commitment of the North Vietnamese. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. It helped me to understand more deeply the spirit of this people, their way of approaching life and to realize a bit all the suffering they went through and that love is really the only thing which matters. "Heaven and Earth" follows the life of a Buddhist Vietnamese peasant girl through the protracted and convulsive American-Vietnam war, the aftermath and reconstruction. Ideally see the film first, then read the book.
To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. And you can never completely eradicate a poor people from their own country. After suffering torture, abuse and rape she leaves the village with her mother and heads to Saigon. Metacritic Reviews. When Heaven and Earth Changed Places (movie tie-in). Like others have commented it makes you question who really started this war and for what reasons. So many things happened in such a short life.

But its definitely a book that shoiuld be read by all. I enjoyed this movie, and thrilled at the reunions contained within it, the cinematography was excellent, as were Jones's performance, he has yet to truly let me down, the cast was well chosen, and the movie well directed. I won't get too much further into this movie at the risk of revealing spoilers, which I won't do to anyone who hasn't seen this film. As soon as Tommy Lee Jones comes into the picture as an unstable American soldier, the film soon feels and becomes much more Americanized and eventually very depressing. After Hayslip was released from prison, however, the Vietcong no longer trusted her and sentenced her to death. That we are where the problems started? It is nice to see that someone cares enough to show us that even though they were our enemy, the people of Vietnam were just as effected by this war as anyone in America and that they people just like us. Three war films that have just as much to say as they do to show and it would be a tragedy to pass any of them up.

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