I was at 8 weeks when I was given the job. Expecting and nursing mothers under 18 are not permitted to work more than 8 hours daily or 80 hours in a 2-week period. Employers have to provide a healthy and safe work environment for expecting and for nursing mothers. Basically the Mutterschutzgesetz, Maternity Protection Act of 1968 was instituted to ensure that expecting mothers are not discriminated against when applying for jobs and to provide them with added protection from being dismissed from work as a result of their pregnancy or arrival of their newborn child.

:) (assuming this is your first child?). Adjusting to motherhood is made a little easier if you happen to be an employed woman working for a German company. Check out the How to Germany Business and Service Directory. I did study German employment law many moons ago but have competely forgotten. Working mothers that are nursing their babies are permitted to take "nursing breaks", providing 8 hours of work was not interrupted by a break of 2 hours or more.

If a verbal notification isn't good enough, then a doctor's Certificate of Expected Date of Delivery is to be provided to the employer.

Expecting mothers do not have to work during the last 6 weeks of their projected pregnancy, but may do so as long as they formally state their intention to work during this period (paragraph 3).

You can split it up in three portions and the employer can only reject the third one. notice. There is no reason to delay talking to your employer about Elternzeit. When you find out you’re pregnant, you may be thinking about when to break the happy news to friends and family, but you may not have yet considered how to go about telling your employer that you’re pregnant.. Understanding FATCA as an American Living in Germany. Pregnant employees are not contractually bound to their contract's cancellation provisions during the Schutzfrist- normally they may immediately cancel an employment contract during this time with impunity. Sign up for a new account in our community.

While the post is great, there actually is a good reason to not tell your employer before you have to declare that you're taking Elternzeit in 7 to 8 weeks: Kündigungsschutz starts 8 weeks before the Elternzeit. but if they didn't ask and you knew? After an expecting mother has informed her employer of her pregnancy, the employer must forward the information to the Arbeitsschutzämter, Employment Protection Office or the Gewerberaufsichtsaemter, Business Supervisor's Office. Yes.

No, you're protected as soon as you are pregnant; you can tell the employer up to two weeks after you've been laid off (see https://www.gesetze-im-internet.de/muschg_2018/__17.html). I would not tell my employer until 5 1/2 to 6 months...when you really start showing. However, employers are encouraged to create a diverse work routine so as to not overstress an expecting or nursing mother. Is there a site where I can look this up? It's not a dumb question, and congratulations on the upcoming root-to-stem remodeling of your life! Depending on your work life, the thought of doing so may feel like a lot of pressure, but it shouldn’t be.

In the event an employer receives a Certificate of Expected Date of Delivery within 2 weeks of canceling a pregnant employees contract - the dismissal is usually retracted or nullified. Also note that your employer doesn't get a say in how and how much Elternzeit you take (you tell them unilaterally - although it's usually courteous to at least make a small effort to discuss it with them ahead of time) - only if you change your mind can they refuse to accept the changes. I thought of that during my interview, but they didn't ask me anything about children, mariage and I thought it would be weird to say "By the way I just found out I am pregnant, do you still want to hire me?"

English-language discussions and news relating to Germany and German culture. Depending on your relationship with your manager you can tell them then, and then (once you've worked out what you want to do) discuss the details of your Elternzeit with them in a second step - or just jump straight to the second step.

Seems wise to me. Job protection goes much further and into even deeper in detail; therefore if you want to know, contact "Kündigungschutz" at the German Ministry of Economy and Employment at: info@bmwa.bund.de (or Postfach 300265, 53182 Bonn). There are still a few places available in our classes!

Don't you have a 6 month trial period?
Elterngeld is only paid out for full months starting from the birth date of the child, so the dates need to be aligned). I broke your comment up into sections and made a wiki page for it. Employers may not disseminate information about an employee's pregnancy to a third party. Oktoberfest in Munich - All You Need to Know, Exhibitions and Events in Rothenburg 2019–2021, Social Security and Employee Benefits in Germany, German Hiring Procedures and the Employment Contract, The Employee/Employer Relationship in Germany, Termination of an Employment Contract in Germany, German Workplace Organizations and Associations, Maternity Allowance (see related article), https://www.fintosch.com/en/admissions-primary-school/, https://www.fintosch.com/en/admission-nursery-school-2/. Join us for one of our upcoming webinars and find out how you can manage your wealth effectively while living abroad.

Might be helpful in the future. not sure if you are entitled to KS, then. Women are well protected from loss of employment due to dismissal - from the beginning of pregnancy until 4 months following childbirth (Schutzfrist) through a Kündigungsverbot, Dismissal Ban. Press J to jump to the feed. I am crying myself to sleep why i didnt take the full two years parttime. Especially as you are just starting.

This law actually goes well beyond that fundamental claim and provides much more. Replying directly in case you don't want that: https://old.reddit.com/r/germany/wiki/working/parental_leave. Freseniusstr. Due to the protection you are given by law once you have a baby, I think the company would have to know up front.

I guess he/she would be glad to know about the pregnancy as soon as possible to have the time getting a proper replacement for you. He will be happy to show you around and answer all your questions, including what it means to “feels like family” at Fintosch, how we incorporate German and English 50/50 into our curriculum, and our creative approach to teaching our students. I think I will look into this cos i can't for the life of me remember. :). don't forget, though, that the "Kündigungsschutz" won't start until you have informed your employer. like i wrote, in the probationary period they can fire you for any plausible reason and give you 2-wks. IF you fail to tell your employer he can still issue a "ordentliche Kündigung" even if you are pregnant. 47

If the birth is later than calculated, you will not loose anytime away from your baby, you will still be granted a full 8 weeks Maternity Leave starting with your baby's arrival.

It may be that if she was pregnant (and knew it) before ACCEPTING the job, rather than starting it, that she moght have problems.

Expecting and even nursing mothers are well protected in the workplace.

Expat Tax Deadlines: There's More Than Just Your Tax Return Due Date! Expectant mothers applying for employment are not required to make their pregnancy known before entering into employment. Expecting and nursing mothers are not permitted to work at night between 20:00 and 06:00. Would look it up but don't want Big Brother thinking I am up to something! You should tell your employer asap (they have a lot of regulations to stick to if you are pregnant, so it's best if he knows straight away). I know about the 7 weeks, but where do the 8 weeks come from? Do you know what the laws are regarding informing your employer?? Expecting and nursing mothers are not permitted to work overtime. Site design and maintenance by Gear Brand, Online Advertising and SEO Market in Germany, Road Map for International Companies Wanting to Enter the German Market, 3 Currency Strategies to Help SMBs Slash Costs, The German Retirement and Pension System - Basic Facts, How To Get German Retirement Contributions Refunded, Investing in European Mutual Funds for US Citizens under FATCA, Housing – Finding, Renting, Buying, Selling, Temporary, Temporary Furnished Rental Apartments in Munich, 7 Differences Between Corporate Housing and Hotels, Making the Most Money from Your Property Sale.

Even though she was planning on returning 6 months after the birth.

This Kündigungsverbot applies when an employer was properly notified (best method is per Einschrieben, Registered Mail with return receipt) and the pregnancy and/or the forecasted birth date was verbally made known or the employer received a Certificate of Expected Date of Delivery. Thank You!

How you sort out the Elternzeit between you and your wife is obviously completely up to you. Fintosch is a private International Toddler School & Kindergarten for children aged three months to 6 years with two locations in Frankfurt Westend and Bockenheim.

So you have to apply within a specific week or what? Important: Limited number of places for Fintosch International Toddler School (under 3 years) are now available. :(. So I am planning to wait one or two weeks... so you haven't actually started yet?

There are dozens of categorized listings of products and services for Expats in Germany.

Whereas, if you got pregnant during your probation, they can't fire you. What is Buy to Let (Rent Out) Investment and How Does it Work? Especially since you will barely have finished your Probezeit before you go on maternity leave and they then have to keep your job open for 3 years. Same goes for me (hopefully some time in 2019-2020). Why?

My friend was on a 6 month temp position in UK in a good company with an excellent salary and position but they just didn't extend past 6 months once she told them.

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