Side bars and pull quotes will help keep the audience interested as they read through the piece, and areas for proper citations ensures the reader will be informed on where you get all of your information. Best of all, our drag-and-drop tool is so easy to use that anyone can do it, even people who believe their artistic skills are not up to par. White papers positioned as premium content often succeed in generating leads. The longform white paper template is the perfect way to educate readers without getting too flashy. While it is distributed at no cost to the recipient, companies that do well with white papers offer it as providing content for which the prospect would normally pay. Estate Business Cards. Use the Hartford white paper template as a great introduction to your company or an update on all the work you’ve been doing and plan to do in the future. For example, graphical elements placed correctly can serve as a strong complement to your content. Research for white papers can often take a lot of time and a vast amount of resources. ArtVersion creative team has over twenty years of experience in creating and designing white papers. If your company has conducted important research about your industry that you want to share with the world, the royal blue white paper template is a sleek way to get your name out there and demonstrate that your business is a leader that can be trusted.

We use the YouTube service to enable video content streaming on this site. The template, after all, even comes with a table of contents, allowing the audience to quickly turn to whichever section they want to explore. If you’ve ever struggled with finding an intriguing way to present important information, the white paper templates from Lucidpress are the perfect solution. Business PROPOSAL - Proposals & Invoices Stationery. A white paper is neither fish nor fowl, if you’ve heard that expression. Terms of Service Through the use of custom images and bold colors, the Hartford white paper template guides the reader through everything the company can offer while giving relevant facts and figures prominence. The second part of what makes a white paper successful is distribution. Marketing, Real Check out this Other business or advertising from the 99designs community. In the B-to-B world, one of the most effective selling tools is white papers. The key to accomplishing this is the content combined with strong and clear communication. Nothing undermines a good white paper faster than poor design. If you’ve ever struggled with finding an intriguing way to present important information, the white paper templates from Lucidpress are the perfect solution. Check out our white paper template if you want additional support in writing a white paper. In our updated report, read and uncover analytical insights into the measurable influence and impact of brand consistency — and how you can apply them to your bottom line. Practitioner, vendor and consultant perspectives combine to give the audience a 360-degree perspective. How should you move forward when the world turns upside down?

For just $299 they received 6 designs from 3 designers. Why are we emphasizing the importance of white paper design? The template divides the content into different section and topic headers, making it easy to follow for readers. Good white papers are backed by reliable sources, contain well-researched information, and explain all the technical details in a way that’s easy to understand.

Every aspect of design matters from the layout, colors, front cover, to the font type. You want the reader to walk away thinking that they’ve learned something valuable and they can use the white paper to make a purchase decision. Personalized content can be shown to you based on a profile about you. However, templates can be formulated for a general Your white paper design matters. Learn how to protect and elevate your multi-location brand in this branding essentials guidebook. The white paper itself is not a tool designed to sell prospects, but rather to inform them. Quality white paper design helps in your product and services with a go-to-market strategy. Here in the office, we are obsessed with designing white papers, the main reason is that allows us to make design cohesive with corporate identity, but with just enough room for us to add our creative touch and incorporate some really cool infographics. Platform Powerful and intuitive content creation software that Proper white paper design is essential for making white papers work. Your white paper design matters. ArtVersion® is a registered trademark of Art Version Company – Chicago, Illinois. Every company has a story that makes it unique, and that story should be compelling and inspiring. Versions™ and Rediscover Your Brand℠ are trademarks of Art Version Company.

All rights reserved. Finally, a white paper should offer good content. For performance and security reasons, we use Cloudflare as our CDN provider. A white paper is basically a short document that is designed to complement the selling process. Don’t just talk about the people involved in the organization, show who they are and what they bring to the table. Privacy Policy, Distributed With the higher demand for design and a more discerning audience, how can agency creative teams keep up with the demand to both work quickly and deliver quality content? That means that it is not a biased and thinly disguised attempt at getting the prospect to buy a product or service. Making a white paper but don't know where to start? It should not be a sales piece, it should not use false data, and it should not be condescending to the reader. By signing up you agree to our Use it for inspiration and then start creating.
We helped many companies and we can help you too with the design, layout and creation of your company white paper. Since we respect your right to privacy, you can choose not to permit data collection from certain types of services. Preparing a white paper template could include different steps since these papers greatly vary in purpose. and Every time you use our website for informational, research, or any other purposes, you are accepting and agreeing to the.

Find out why 1,300+ leading brands choose our platform. Having said that, the design is still important, with vibrant colors helping to break up the text. These reports also tend to get passed around if they contain valuable and interesting content. You’ll need to market it as you would market a regular product. assets by locking down fonts, images, logos, position, and more.

Quality white paper design helps in your business tell a story and works hand-in-hand with sales and marketing initiatives. 30+ Page Proposal Template - w/ Contract & Invoice - Proposals & Invoices Stationery. In that sense, it’s easy for readers to follow along and understand the message being shared. When you visit our website, it may store or retrieve non-sensitive information through your browser, usually in the form of cookies for analytics and marketing purposes. How should you move forward when the world turns upside down?

This template is a great choice for those who want to share important academic or scientific research while also focusing on the authors of the piece. There’s also a unified color scheme throughout, which once again emphasizes your brand, solidifying the identity of the business. For the user experience and layout design, we use certain Google fonts. With the latest styles and designs, we give you all the resources you’ll need to create a visually compelling white paper that will keep your audience reading. Start designing today. The royal blue white paper template allows you to put some of your own stunning photos that will be sure to attract eyes. The longform white paper template also gives you spots where you can place pull quotes, helping you feature the most important points of your research. We use cookies from third-party services for analytics and to offer you better user experience.

Use the proper white paper format Sometimes, you would reach a point where you discover that a different format works better in reaching out to your target audience and in achieving your goals . White paper examples can help strengthen the perception that you have deep expertise or knowledge in a specific area you’re known for. Don’t let it all go to waste with a poorly designed white paper. This white paper describes an AutoCAD add-in that provides a better way to flatten 3D designs into 2D cutting patterns "Our software eliminates many steps in the product design workflow, and we wanted to illustrate these benefits in a compelling way. Remarkable examples of digital Interactive White Papers produced and published with our content creation tool. By signing up you agree to our Our experiential design process creates emotion and engagement between the brand and consumer through experiential design methods. With a professionally designed white paper template from Lucidpress, that won't be a problem anymore. A white paper is something … Eliminate the risk of employees accidentally stretching, moving, discoloring (you get the point) your brand Terms of Service The royal blue white paper template offers a great deal of visual flair that really helps the company name and brand stand out. Every white paper template is defined by its content and structure. For example, graphical elements placed correctly can serve as a strong Cdelmonte picked a winning design in their other business or advertising contest. Strong sales copy and design on the download page will be necessary to convince prospects that it is of value. These documents are often filled with informational content including data, facts and graphs designed to educate a prospect about a product or service.

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