Examples are presented to illustrate good and bad modeling practices.

And after reading about how vibration analysis reveals key information about structural behavior (see DE, April and May 2008), the terms “natural frequencies, normal mode shapes, mass participation factors, and strain energy” have become integral to your vocabulary. Add more white space Nevertheless, in some cases designers are too serious about white papers, so … Thanks again for the great job. We say “linear” since it is starting point if one endeavors to move forward with more complex type of analyses. The utility of this approach lies in its ability to quantitatively calculate the bolt axial and shear forces for any type of bolted connection.

", —Samer Saab, President ", —Normand Pigeon, President "Gordon worked on this white paper in 1997 as our VP Marketing. —Lori Smith, Director of And together, our team delivers white papers that will resonate with your prospects. In this last part, we'll show how to extract real quantitative data (i.e., displacements and stresses) from a simple normal-modes analysis. Keeping it Simple: In finite element analysis (FEA), these natural frequencies are called eigenvalues and their shapes are noted as eigenvectors or eigenmodes.

This white paper will walk you through the use of NX Nastran and LS-DYNA to do classical Eulerian Buckling, geometric nonlinear buckling and complete, full-physics nonlinear buckling (LS-DYNA). "Thanks for handling the job with speed and precision. Download the free Acrobat Reader

View White Paper Example.pdf from ENG 102 at Arizona State University. After a normal modes analysis, we have 45 modes ranging from2.3Hz to 15Hz. Below are three white paper examples for the three major groups of white paper readers I identified in previous blogs. During launch (Figure 3a) they get pounded by a broad and chaotic spectrum of vibrations (accelerations) from the rocket motor, stage separation, acoustical noise, etc.

The three tests are designed to be as simple as possible in order to minimize the run time of the test simulations. Only natural frequencies with significant mass participation factors are important. Finite element analysis is a numerical technique that solves continuum problems with an accuracy acceptable to engineer. officemorph in San Francisco, This white paper defined some fundamental terms in evaluating blockchain performance across industries. This white paper got great results for a firm that helps manage commercial real estate renovation projects, "I just wanted to say that you are incredible at what you do. If you’ve studied up on what a white paper actually is and white paper formats, you’re probably looking for some white paper examples to help you get the ball rolling. White paper compiled by Morty Fizer Fracture mechanics describes the transfer of mechanical energy toward the creation of crack surfaces, i.e., the first law of thermodynamics.

Flange crippling is something that is often encountered in the design of highly loaded aerospace structures where paper-thin flange sections are the standard.

He has already started FEA modeling work.

An amendment to this entry is that Mode II fracture has been deemed less likely than initially theorized.

The purpose of a white paper is to make customers understand the issues and fix the problems accordingly. Since that time considerable advances in fracture mechanics, reliability analysis, coatings, and manufacturing techniques have occurred.

"Thank you for helping us pull this together. Click here to find the files on our partner website, Applied CAx.

", —Larry Roberts, President "You grasped exactly the message we wanted to send. in Kettering, OH, This white paper describes best practices for colleges gathering student views with online course evaluations.

At Predictive Engineering, we are longtime experts in LS-DYNA and can help guide you through the software acquisition process, installation, support and user training. Bolt preload adds quite a bit of complexity to any model since the analysis procedure is nonlinear (geometrically nonlinear) and that two sequential nonlinear runs are required to arrive at the final “bolt preload solution”. To get a handle on how R-elements work, it is best to think of them as multi-point constraints (MPC). In an analysis of a modern motor home, imagine the FEA model is highly idealized using beam elements for the small structural tubes, plate elements for the main longitudinal beams, and lots of mass elements to represent the engine, air conditioners, water and diesel tanks, and passengers. "This is a must-read for companies failing to get the most out of their ERP system. "We couldn't be happier with the results! VSD White Paper | Safety of the Childhood Vaccination Schedule 2 The White Paper had the following four objectives: Four objectives of White Paper: 1. You did a tremendous job. Gordon, Griffith asked: "Why are there large variations between the strength of different solids. This white paper will cover a the basics of setting up you model for bolt preload, theoretical foundation, examples of its use and a bolt fatigue primer. Note: This page reflects the latest version of the APA Publication Manual (i.e., APA 7), which released in October 2019. Use lots of graphs, charts, and pictures to really punch it up. It’s typically performed because we are worried that the design might fail in a costly or dangerous manner. We highly encourage students to help each other out and respond to other students' comments if you can! ", —Matthew Smith, Marketing Director We also provide some easy to use rules such that one can create their own composite mechanical properties based on the rule-of-mixtures and cover the limitations of this method.

An Excerpt From the White Paper: Standard Normal Modes Analysis: To see how this is applied in practice, we will run through an analysis project from start to finish (Normal Modes, Modal Frequency, PSD and Direct Transient).

With enough modes, you get 100 percent of the mass of the structure, though for complex structures this can mean hundreds of modes. While glass had some early successes, research halted with the rise in acceptance of acrylics for shallow submersible ports and the realization by Naval research that glass is not a good material to resist nearby explosive detonations. Within the field of vibration analysis, the most common type of analysis is that based on the linear behavior of the structure or system during its operation. Engineering Comment: Most white paper examples are data-centered and are usually composed of business documents which are text-heavy. NETWORKING AND YOUR COMPETITIVE D G E 1 CISCO white paper CONTENTS Introduction 2 CISCO white paper …

Often random noise due to operating or transporting conditions can also be considered. To effectively use bolt preload on FEA connections requires many additional steps and it converts a linear run into a nonlinear run that requires two sequential nonlinear analysis where (i) the bolt preload is applied and then (ii) the external structure load is applied. "This paper turned out just great; exactly like I was hoping it would. However, as you know, white papers are traditionally at least six pages long. Gordon Graham and his team have worked on close to 300 white papers. It was like you'd been sitting with us for a whole year, instead of just one day. The objective is to describe in detail how to use R-connections and CBUSH elements correctly and with confidence. "Customers are finding this white paper incredibly helpful. So I’m just going to simply show you the basic layout for each type of paper. Click on the image to download the PDF. 1 Joint Publication 3-0 “Joint Operations,” 11 August 2011. An introductory paragraph that outlines the issue to be addressed. Incorporate photos in your white paper layout which resemble your target users.

Bolt preload is not a free lunch. This white paper closes with several examples of thermal-stress work that we have done at Predictive Engineering under our FEA consulting services group. Style of Writing. Here's 50 you can check out. This paper shows how CIOs can strengthen their supply chains with an add-in that ties together different ERP systems in Ventura, CA, This white paper shows why local retailers must market to new residents in their area. Additionally, if bolt fatigue is important, then a bolt preload approach is invaluable. Furthermore, the presented approach is quite basic and one should consider that the field of fracture mechanics is rich with analyses that did not work. The factor “K” shown above is used to classify the beam’s end conditions (Manual of Steel Construction, 8th edition, American Institute of Steel Construction). Additional examples are presented on flange crippling and then finally the application of these techniques to the buckling analysis of a beer can and then an eight-passenger, deep-diving luxury submarine. Include graphs and tables as needed. The model has been tweaked to protect the innocent. The use of the word normal prior to mode is just another way to say natural, characteristic, or eigen.

Vibration analysis is a huge topic and is easily the second most common type of FEA analysis after the basic static stress analysis. Mining, agriculture and food handling industries, among many others, have been turning their attention towards this powerful analysis technique. These random vibrations are usually described in terms of a power spectral density (PSD) function. With this background, the creation of temperature loads is covered using simple boundary conditions or running a steady-state conduction analysis to map out an imposed temperature gradient. Investigate these directions and see if they correspond to your forcing-function direction. offers professional writing lesson videos for all levels of writers! The second part of the body which outlines how your organization proposes to solve the problem with the product or software. As Figure 22 shows on the far left, the main portion of the extruded section might be stable but its collapse or global buckling is initiated by a localized buckle at its weakest point. White Paper on Writing White Papers 1 June 2016 4 Longer white papers may include a table of contents and a list of tables and figures. Section 3- Section 3 Title…………………………………….page 40

Modal Frequency Sweep (MFS): Frequency-based loads are more common than you might think. eXplorance in Montreal, This white paper explores 7 factors that will keep kids coming back to a virtual world. The Basics About Multi-Point Constraints (RBE2 and RBE3 Elements): The tomes that have been written about R-type elements number in the dozens. 2. Include graphs, tables, and pictures as needed. Due to the high volume of comments across all of our blogs, we cannot promise that all comments will receive responses from our instructors.

The paper explains why you don't always get what you want—and how to get what you need when analyzing data's true colors. Below are three white paper examples for the three major groups of white paper readers I identified in previous blogs. © 2020 Professional Writing. And of course, you can learn more with our Professional Writing lessons! The foundation of fracture mechanics was laid in the 1920s by A.A. Griffith while he was working for the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough, U.K. One designer suggestion is that, if it is not detrimental to the overall design, one can just specify that all flange sections have a b/t < 5 and then be free of any crippling consideration.

A white paper is a one-to five-page document that describes a given problem and proposes a specific solution to the problem. structures and material systems. White paper examples.

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