L | Songs lyrics and translations to be found here are protected by copyright of their owners and are meant for educative purposes only. Bruce Springsteen. Performed frequently on the subsequent Sessions Band Tour, this incarnation was included on the 2007 Bruce Springsteen with The Sessions Band: Live in Dublin audio and video release. About the project, "Now I wasn't drunk and I wasn't blind when I left my two fine legs behind Giordano would also join the E Street band in 2008. In the original song, Mrs. McGrath would rather have her "son as he used to be than the King of France and his whole navy." U

Oh Teddy McGrath the widow cried With your too-ri-aa fol-ded-dle-di-aa too-ri-oo-ri-oo-ri-aa P | Some of the leftover material from the 02 Nov 1997 session was being evaluated and out of those discussions came the idea of releasing this session material as a stand-alone album project.

It is his first and so far only album of cover material, and his second consecutive non-E Street Band and non-rock music project. Bruce Springsteen recorded a version of the song on his 2006 album, We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions. The album was recorded with a large ensemble of musicians, and more were added for The Seeger Session Tour. [4] The "My Son John" version of the song has been recorded by several different artists, including Martin Carthy with The Imagined Village, Tim Hart and Maddy Prior of Steeleye Span, Lew Bear, and actor John C. Reilly. Most of the above info about the studio sessions is taken from Brucebase and the Spring 2007 issue (#86) of Backstreets magazine. Z, Bruce Springsteen -- We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions, Bruce Springsteen -- We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions - American Land Edition, The live 30 Apr 2006 version of MRS. MCGRATH was released on the, The live 11 Nov 2006 version of MRS. MCGRATH was released on the, 2003-2020 - Lebanese Tribute to Bruce Springsteen, We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions album track list, We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions - American Land Edition track list, 30-minute film about the recording of the album, includes filmed performances of JOHN HENRY, PAY ME MY MONEY DOWN, BUFFAO GALS, ERIE CANAL, O MARY DON'T YOU WEEP, and SHENANDOAH, HOW CAN A POOR MAN STAND SUCH TIMES AND LIVE? The song tells the story of a woman whose son enters the British Army and returns seven years later having lost his legs to a cannonball while fighting against Napoleon presumably at the Battle of Fuentes de Oñoro (fought between 3 and 5 May 1811).

You been sailing the Mediterranean [Live 05 Jun 2006 version]. "Mrs. McGrath," the sergeant said, "would you like a soldier out of your son Ted? Too-ri-aa fol-did-dle-di-aa too-ri-oo-ri-oo-ri-aa

With your too-ri-aa fol-ded-dle-di-aa too-ri-oo-ri-oo-ri-aa "Mrs. McGrath" (also known as "Mrs. McGraw", "My Son Ted", "My Son John", and "The Sergeant and Mrs. McGrath") is an Irish folk song set during the Peninsular War of the early 19th century. He allegedly joined in on some songs during the party. The album was issued in DualDisc format in the United States and Europe and a two-disc set (audio CD + DVD) in Europe and Japan. Now Mrs. McGrath wouldn’t you like that? 4 | Charles Giordano, an associate of The Gotham Playboys, substituted for Holshouser when a scheduling conflict prevented him from attending the recording sessions. When you left your two fine legs behind ", So the moral of the story is plain and clear, The Best of the Original Dubliners: DISC 3. Is he living or is he dead?" M | When you left your two fine legs behind Walking on a pair of wooden pegs MRS. MCGRATH is a traditional Irish song (see the "Traditional Version" section below for more details). Lyrics powered by LyricFind

Would you like to make a soldier out of your son Ted? She spied a ship come into the bay with her son from far away A | There were eight songs recorded during the third session (21 Jan 2006): JACOB'S LADDER, BUFFALO GALS, EYES ON THE PRIZE, HOW CAN I KEEP FROM SINGING?, AMERICAN LAND, BRING 'EM HOME, IF I HAD A HAMMER (THE HAMMER SONG), and WORRIED MAN BLUES. Have you been sailing on the Med-it-tare-i-in? Too-ri-aa fol-did-dle-di-aa too-ri-oo-ri-oo-ri-aa Along with "Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye", it is one of the most graphic of all Irish folk songs that deal with sickness and injuries caused by warfare. Too-ri-aa fol-did-dle-di-aa too-ri-oo-ri-oo-ri-aa [1] Irish folk song collector Colm Ó Lochlainn described "Mrs. Grath" as "known to every true born citizen of Dublin". Took my fine legs from the knees away. It’s an anti-war song in which a mother laments how her son lost both his legs in battle after being recruited into the British Army. Six songs were recorded during the first session (02 Nov 1997): JESSE JAMES, MY OKLAHOMA HOME, WE SHALL OVERCOME (eventually selected for the Pete Seeger tribute album), HOBO'S LULLABY, I COME AND STAND AT EVERY DOOR, and PRETTY BY FLOYD. Eight of the songs recorded during this second session ended up on the album.

In Springsteen's version, this is changed to "King of America.".

During these sessions, all of the album's songs were cut live in the living room of Springsteen's farmhouse — they were not rehearsed and all arrangements were conducted by Springsteen as he and the band played them. This time it was only issued as a two-disc set (separate CD and DVD).

With a scarlet coat and a big cocked hat, Mrs. McGrath will you like that?"

List of available versions of MRS. MCGRATH on this website: ( | It was also recorded by Tommy Makem on his 1961 album, Songs of Tommy Makem. ", So Ciaran then wrote back to daddy, he said, "Dear Daddy. The band included Jeremy Chatzky, Sam Bardfeld, Larry Eagle, Will Holshouser, and Red Suydam.

With your too-ri-aa fol-ded-dle-di-aa too-ri-oo-ri-oo-ri-aa With scarlet coat and cockade hat

Springsteen changed the traditional lyrics slightly. With your too-ri-aa fol-ded-dle-di-aa too-ri-oo-ri-oo-ri-aa Some of these later session details are now known and others may emerge over time. Than the King of France and his whole navee. Or was it walking on the say Videos. mrs. MCGRATH is a traditional Irish song (see the "Traditional Version" section below for more details). We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions was produced by Bruce Springsteen and Jon Landau and was released on Columbia Records on 25 Apr 2006. Bruce Springsteen Lyrics and chords. Now Mrs McGrath the sergeant said V | A 2-disc vinyl LP edition was also pressed in the U.S. and Holland. Other versions of MRS. MCGRATH were also officially released. Or was it walking upon the sea that wore your two fine legs away?" Now Mrs. McGrath lived on the shore and after seven years or more Springsteen had heard about a New York City roots/bluegrass band called The Gotham Playboys via future E Street Band violinist Soozie Tyrell who occasionally played live gigs with them. Now were you drunk or were you blind when you left your two fine legs behind? X | With your too-ri-aa fol-ded-dle-di-aa too-ri-oo-ri-oo-ri-aa He's an extraordinary person, as well as an extraordinary singer." Mrs McGrath – timeless anti-war song. "Thanks to Jon Landau for another one of his 'I think we've got something here...' phone calls," Springsteen later wrote in the liner notes of the 2006 album. Have you news of my son Ted? No man influenced me more in my formative years other than my father. The album contains Springsteen's interpretation of thirteen folk music songs associated with Pete Seeger. You record."

Nine songs were recorded during the second session (19 Mar 2005): ERIE CANAL, JOHN HENRY, O MARY DON'T YOU WEEP, PAY ME MY MONEY DOWN, OLD DAN TUCKER, FROGGIE WENT A COURTIN', SHENANDOAH, MRS. MCGRATH, and MICHAEL ROW YOUR BOAT ASHORE. The Dubliners also recorded it on the 1965 EP In Person featuring Ronnie Drew, and later sung it to new lyrics, though keeping the tune of the original folk song, on the 1968 album Drinkin' and Courtin'. She kissed him a dozen times or two

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