Disclaimer: The links and mentions on this site may be affiliate links. It contains an ingredient banned in over 100 countries. Without reading anyone elses comments, I am going to tell you (article writer) just how misguided you are. Soda also puts you at risk for heart disease. But dont sit around and think beer and wine and alcohol are any better. i'm making a youtube video on my channel to promote the stopping of soda! I salute everyone who stopped drinking pop sodas! In the afternoon, decaf tea or freshly squeezed or locally sourced fruit juices are delicious.

This will surely help develop osteoporosis, specially if you’re a woman after her 30s. I am lucky I didn't grow up drinking sodas or eating fast food.

The average American drinks 216 liters (that's 7304 ounces, or about 365 20-ounce bottles) a year. Personally, I drink soda over alcohol. I used to drink soda rarely, but now since two weeks, I have stopped forever for all these sugar, carbon and toxic reasons. According to a study published by the American Heart Association, "Drinking as little as one can of soda a day — regular or diet — is associated with a 48% increased risk of metabolic syndrome, a key predecessor of heart disease and diabetes.". With a few other tweaks in my diet, I have lost 33 pounds! You can get them at the drug store. My blood sugar is now normal again, but I still don't drink it. ". Yes, what a great suggestion *eye roll*. No artificial colors Thank you so much fro the hepl! You will sharpen your taste buds. I gave up soda as of June 6, 2011. Another disgusting image is someone drinking a pop soda for breakfast.

But I was raised without soda, so the real stuff has never appealed to me. C/ Esteve Terrades nº 37, Bajos – 1ª, 08023, Barcelona I think that drinking cold drinks or soda ocassionally won't hurt much. You'll make poorer financial decisions by drinking diet soda. I'm sorry you grew up with alcoholism in your family but this article is talking about the direct impact on health (it doesn't take into consideration other impacts). Soda has never altered someone's mind to drive. "In reality there's no good evidence that carbonated water causes harm to your bone," registered dietitians Jennifer Nelson and Katherine Zeratsky said on the Mayo's Clinic's blog. Tea isn't healthy either!! Soda drinks result in excess calories which will increase the body weight. My whole family uses the best available emery drink on the planet that contains the following. It didn't take that much will power honestly, it's kind of weird.

After I got high blood sugar, I stopped drinking it.

16. Truth be told, however, light to moderate drinking has been linked to better health, whereas just two sodas per day has been linked to liver disease after long-term use according to an Israeli study in 09 (just two per day increased liver disease 80%!! While researchers aren't sure of the precise reason, people who drink pop are more likely to have osteoporosis.

I crave it and I love the taste and carbonation, I am going to miss it but not that bad to offset this horrifying evidence.

Get your facts straight lady. 6. Every time you drink soda, you feel like you do it to refresh yourself, and sometimes it even feels like it works right? For people like me, who have had family members suffer with alcoholism and alcohol issues, I would rather not allow myself the opportunity to become addicted to such a harmful product. You will know what you put it in so it will be healthy. 1. It has been about eight years now. slowly, i began to not drink soda at all. And the ingredients in the soda have to go somewhere.

A March 2011 study links soda consumption to higher blood pressure. Dews a day. Yeah, Soda aint good for us. It blends great with any dinner, helps put up many cocktails and comes in every possible flavour and we’ve been taught to feel like it’s refreshing. Stronger—powerful, energy-producing ingredients, Uses more than just sugar and caffeine ", While artificially carbonated water is slightly more acidic than still water, it's not as acidic as sugary sodas, and does not seem to significantly damage tooth enamel. 21. AND it saves lots of money and helps the environment - bonus! Uses low-glycemic sugars for sustained energy* Transportation of soda pop requires a lot of fuel. I would recommend water and if its one of those hot days, make your own lemonade.

Some people are actually addicted to it, but the thing is, if you drink less and less you crave it less and less. Amen to all the above.
So glad you wrote this article. 20. PUT SOME LEMON IN IT IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE TASTE.

Stop drinking soda, save your life. Supplies beneficial ingredients, with powerful antioxidants*

Lemonade and coffee destroys your teeth too! Exact figures about how much fuel it takes to transport soda are not evident — but that soda has to get from the factory to the store to your house somehow.

I gave up smoking 5 yrs ago--am very thankful for that. i think the main reason that pop can make your bones weak is that it contains sodium bicarbonate, which actually reduces calcium absorption in the bones. SO.. if you're looking for a sign to stop drinking soda, THIS IS IT.

If you’re a regular soda drinker, your risk of developing type 2 diabetes is about 25%. While I have no hard data to back it up, it seems that drinking pop has lost the "cool" factor it tries so hard to market. Every time you drink soda, you feel like you do it to …

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