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She barely told anyone about this album so I doubt she’d reach out to him. Since William Bowery doesn’t have an internet presence, journalists and Swifties alike are trying to decipher who he is. Harry is this generations Bowie, he's going to be more prolific than Timberlake, the last boy band refugee. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. RELATED: ‘All Too Well’ Might Be Taylor Swift’s Saddest Song; An Investigation. Styles recently told Zane Lowe: “’When I was in the band, to me it felt like it was so much bigger than any of us I felt , I’m not going to be the one who f**** it up. Many thought it was her brother, Austin Swift, who is allegedly the real singer of Jack Leopard and the Dolphin Club (another possible pseudonym). But, it’s a very convincing theory, nonetheless. Whether it’s Styles or not, William Bowery is a musician of some kind. However, fans have been sleuthing and, again, it’s convincing for many reasons. So in conclusion, I think Harry used his perspective of the breakup, and both of them feeling in exile from each other in public and channeled it to write Exile. They both say the same line, but I think there are different meanings.

Then afterwards she probably met with Joe. And found it interesting there were some coincidences. For five years the group recorded albums and toured all over the world, and Styles didn’t want to do anything that could jeopardize their success. This doesn’t mean that folklore has been exempt from the intense scrutiny of Swifties, however — and now that more press is emerging around the record, some fans are starting to think that the identity of William Bowery is not her boyfriend Joe Alwyn, but her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles. Harry Styles Actually Only Has 1 Song About Taylor Swift, But There Are Others That Could Be About Her Too, ‘All Too Well’ Might Be Taylor Swift’s Saddest Song; An Investigation.

Fans have many theories on who it could be, which are listed in separate sections below. TREES.

OOTW refers to "Out of the Woods", a song from Taylor Swift album "1989" (2014). But what about Betty? Hear me out, I know a lot of us think William Bowery is Joe, for good reason.

Well, if I have a serious answer, and a funny one. First, you have the ever-so-famous Taylor imagery, where the line itself is talking about trying to stay afloat on something that is broken or breaking. But wait, what about the theories that William is Joe or Lorde?

Styles now looks back on the time he spent recording his new album Fine Line with fond memories, even though there was some blood involved. Swift has said that she was always so nervous about what the next step of their relationship would be (which inspired OOTW). That heartbreak.

So I have decided to give you a comprehensive analysis of why Harry Styles is William Bowery and Exile is about or was inspired by Haylor.

Probably the biggest hint that it’s Styles, though — outside of the lyrics, which we’ll get to below — is that Dessner is convinced it’s someone who writes songs for a living. Also , Taylor went alone to Ed's wedding . But after reading some posts about Cardigan possibly being about Harry I have some thoughts. Then after the BBMA;s, is the infamous photo with Celsius, TS, Ed, and HS. “He’s a songwriter, and actually, because of social distancing, I’ve never met him,” Dessner told Rolling Stone. One of Harry’s last performances before everything went into lockdown was at the, In March 2012, Harry and Taylor both stayed at the, It sounds like a conversation between them reminiscing where they went wrong. laur.

My best friends and I are planning a girl's PowerPoint night. This is an automated reply to help others understand your acronyms. A majority of fine line is about Camille. Do you have a link?

The second reason why this is clever, is we all know OOTW is about Harry. My gut is telling me that if you make something you love, you should just put it out into the world. Vintage tees - Harry, young - Harry drunk Levis - Harry,drunk under a street light - likely harry, leaving like a father - his dad died, running like water - see Harry's video, haunt all of my what ifs (Harry's song Two Ghosts is also about her), He also has a star tattoo on his arm, Changing the ending Peter losing Wendy (he flies like Peter Pan in his video "Sign of the Times".

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