William died January 1, 1761 in Canterbury, Province of New Hampshire. He was the Royal Agricultural Society's Steward of Implements from 1841 to 1847 and during his Stewardship, the Exhibition of Implements grew from "a couple of sheds to an extend which even then gave promise of the vast proportions which the Shows have attained in recent years". Husband of Hannah Miles He was uncle of Philip Napier Miles. Sergt.

On March 15, 1744 the proprietors voted to build a fort in Canterbury. The inhabitants were in constant fear of attack, but the people of neighboring towns suffered more than those of Canterbury.

Although the French and Indian War did not begin until 1754, Indians were troublesome about Canterbury two years earlier. Harriott Ellin Miles (1841–1864), who married. The fort could hardly have been completed in Canterbury before it became the rendezvous of scouting parties sent out by the provincial government, for in July, 1744, there were twenty men under command of Capt.

In 1732 he bought home lot 32 and in 1737 he acquired home lot 19. He voluntarily retired his seat in 1865 and it was subsequently held from 1878 by Sir William's son, Sir Philip Miles. This fort was constructed of hewn, white oak timber. He then reveals that unless something is done on December, 21 2012 the world will end. Three days later Peer made his escape and returned to his master’s house, reporting that Christo and Sabbatis had made them prisoners. He was then a member of the Council and, from 1852 until his death in 1878, one of the 12 Vice-Presidents. On the 8th of May, the Indians disappeared carrying away with them two negro slaves belonging to Miles and his neighbor James Lindsey. [4] The two shared extensive correspondence and visited each other's houses over many years. Sir William was Vice-President of the Society for Improving the Condition of the Labouring Classes which sought to improve housing for working families. Sir William Miles, 1st Baronet (13 May 1797 – 17 June 1878), ... His father was a landowner, shipowner, banker and reportedly the first millionaire in Bristol. Short summary describing this character. appeared in town late in the spring of 1752. + 3 ii. Christo, to whom reference has already been made, and Sabbatis (Sabbatis, a corruption of the French name, Jean Baptiste.) [1], Miles was the son of Philip John Miles (1773–1845) by his first marriage to Maria Whetham (1776–1811). A year later Sabbatis returned to Canterbury with another Indian of the St. Francis tribe, named Plausawa (Plausawa, a corruption of the French name, Francois.). In Assassin's Creed III he returns and appears to have little interest in Desmond's well being, but when confronted reveals that he strives to unleash Desmond's potential. Jeremiah Clough on duty in this vicinity. Settlers were killed, their cattle slaughtered and various depredations were committed by the savages. He was ordained in the Congregationalist Church. William raised Desmond in an Assassins community known as The Farm and now supervises Assassin cells globally. This afternoon while the bells were chiming for divine service, a fire broke out in the rafters of the roof on the north side of the Church, it was ascertained the next day that the fire was caused by a crack in the chimney of the Store which was most negligently & stupidly built of only one brick thick and placed in immediate contact with the wall plate upon which the feet of the rafters rested. This video is unavailable. (2) They were married by the Reverend Hugh Adams. [5], Miles supported Enclosure, maintaining that "Allotments of land under enclosures were much more beneficial to the poor than a common right of pasture. Sir William was a staunch Conservative, opposed to the Reform Act and was a protectionist who favoured the Corn Law and supported the Duke of Richmond's Central Agricultural Protection Society (known as the "Anti-League"). Some researchers that suggest his father was Benjamin Mills/Miles of Exeter, Massachusetts.

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