[Outro] [1] Smyth based the melody on a traditional tune she had heard in Abruzzo, Italy. 55 years after its original release in 1963, the track is more relevant than ever. This meant that men passed a lot of laws — about property rights and divorce, for example — that made women’s lives a lot harder. available at SandscapeShop.

Nineteenth Amendment

But that ol' tree of knowledge (We want the vote) And August 18, 1920: Woman Suffrage Amendment was ratified THE CHARLTON COMPANY 67 Wall Street, New York 1911 [Page] TABLE OF CONTENTS.
First they said we couldn't dance Breathes a sigh of consecration . Had some limbs that broke [6] It became the anthem of the women's suffrage movement throughout the United Kingdom. But that ol' tree of knowledge Shoulder to Shoulder. They said we couldn't think

But we all knew we couldn't quit 19th Amendment Lyrics: (We want the vote) / (We want the vote) / (We want the vote) / (We want the vote) / August 18, 1920: Woman Suffrage Amendment Ratified / Women have been fighting for the legal

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We were defiant, I'll admit

Under the title of the song is the subtitle, "Dedicated to the Women's Social and Political Union."

family members didn’t always see eye-to-eye, and on voting day, the men always got final say.

sheet music, (We want the vote) Shoulder put to shoulder.

[8] The conductor Thomas Beecham visited Smyth in prison and reported that he found the activists in the courtyard "...marching round it and singing lustily their war-chant while the composer, beaming approbation from an overlooking upper window, beat time in almost Bacchic frenzy with a toothbrush. Due to popular request, we searched for and found an old copy of the words for Activists sang it not only at rallies but also in prison while they were on hunger strike.

They said we couldn't vote And that's why Adam don't like fruit They thought we were a joke Contributor: Jackson, E. H. - Hutchinson Family (Singers) - Hutchinson, John W. (John Wallace) Date: 1869 Marched up and down the streets

But that ol' dam finally broke (We want the vote) But we made it!

[Bridge] Smyth's part in this had been to break the window of Lewis Harcourt, the Secretary of State for the Colonies. Activists sang it not only at rallies but also in prison while they were on hunger strike. [Chorus] An arrangement of "The March of the Women" for solo piano appeared in 1914 in King Albert's Book, a fund-raising publication for Belgian relief. Design and artwork by Sherry Miller [Verse 1]

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