You have a statutory warranty of 2 years on parts and suspension components. These pedals can be added to your order from the shopping cart. The homogeneity of the material in this area creates the ideal balance of weight, durability and performance. [description] => IMPRINT 200g - 300g to the listed, size Small weight. I'm 5'11" and my medium feels perfect to me. Please take care to specify the correct payment method before submitting your order. Worldwide You can find the dates under “World of YT – Events”. Should a defect occur during this time, please contact customer service using the Support Page. 6ft 2 on a large and it's a wee bit too small, but I like my dh bikes long. Depends on what you do with it! 'ssl':true}; [description] => IMPRINT To do so, please contact customer service using the Service Form, or via telephone: +49 (0) 9191 7363050. We set up the front brake on the left-hand lever, and the rear brake on the right. This is only possible in exceptional cases. So if you only have room for one bike in your garage, and that bike has to do it all, JEFFSY is your weapon of choice! ( Should things get a little rough, the inconspicuous chain suck plates protect the frame from damage caused by a dropped chain. For payment in advance, you will receive a separate email with the relevant payment data. Please provide a clear description of your problem and include pictures and/or video if applicable. In the low position, the head angle is slacker and the BB drop more pronounced, for better stability when pinning it in rough terrain. Please contact customer service to help resolve your issue. In addition to the industry-standard internal seals of our high-quality, double-sealed full complement bearings, we use self-developed sealing washers, that protect all suspension linkage bearings and keep water and dirt at bay. [childrenCount] => 0 Our Outlet shop presents bikes that have been discontinued, test or event bikes, or bikes that have been returned. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any related transaction or service fees levied by other organizations in connection with your order. For a bike, the cost is EUR 19.90 for shipping plus EUR 19.90 for the BikeBox (obligatory). As a business, we are obliged to provide a 24-month warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, present at the time of purchase. Details can be found under "Service - Crash Replacement". [target] => For cash on delivery there is an extra EUR 4.40 handling fee and a EUR 2.00 transfer charge. You can opt out from the email list at any time. Please contact customer service to obtain a return authorization form. Please note that you may only order one pair of pedals with each bike order. In the high position, the steeper head angle and higher BB position make for easier climbing and more agility on tighter trails. The final installment must be received by us no later than 10 working days prior to the availability date of the bike. If you damage your frame in a crash or as a result of a severe impact, our Crash Replacement program is a convenient way to replace the damaged frame. 2 Bike deliveries within the EU cost EUR 59.90 plus EUR 19.90 for the BikeBox (obligatory). [id] => 57 This varies significantly depending on the defect or damage. JEFFSY 27 or JEFFSY 29? We recommend thoroughly inspecting your new bike after the first 5-15 hours of use, to ensure continuous safe operation. [parentID] => 0 Please check your email spam folder, as the tracking number mail may have ended up there. [0] => Array [2] => Array The best way to return the bike is to use the original BikeBox and the relevant accessories/parts to pack the bike. Detailed information regarding warranty can be found in the Terms and Conditions, Section 10. That lightweight makes it easy to add some energetic style to the ride, or just as easily, to pass everyone on the climbs. Returns of goods of over EUR 500 value are free of charge, you can find the return request form in the Returns area of your customer account. Accessories such as pedals, derailleur hangers or water bottle holders at competitive prices can be added in the next step. [description] => IMPRINT [subPages] => Array Within the following 2 days you will receive a further email from Schenker Spedition asking you to confirm acceptance of the import costs. Thanks to our award-winning V4L suspension technology, it is very sensitive off the top, with good mid-stroke support and plenty of end-stroke progressivity.

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