His number friends have no respect for him and think he is useless and boring, BUT one day they realize that their number multiplied by 0 equals ZERO. 11 x 14 inches. You have 8 zero bands and 8 Loved the little decorations adding funny details on nearly all the pages - for example, the tiny cop explaining that 0 does not equal donuts. We also used

13 ½" x 9 ½". You can use these blacklines to extend the learning up until day 190!

Keep the excitement going with visits from Zero the Hero for Days 110-180! We would bundle the sticks with a rubber band each time we However, the story takes a turn for the better when Zero has the chance to be the hero and save his fellow numbers from a foe! Need more ZERO THE HERO items? In panic they run from him. So happy to have my own copy now, autographed by the illustrator--who is totally awesome (and posed with Bob the Turtle!). Oh yeah, numbers are just as important as letters. So the kids were not that interested in this book. I enjoyed the humor in the illustrations. As a former math teacher, I think this just looks perfect for my son! He runs away, leaving the other numbers unable to defend themselves against the Roman numeral soldiers. The bag A fun book about the importance of ZERO. Cookie Monster kicks this lesson off to explore the number 0. Represent a number of objects with a written numeral 0-20 (with 0 representing a count of no objects). They taunt him for his uselessness until he rolls away. The Roman Numerals were a nice touch. day until we reached the 100th day. Calendar binders are a wonderful way to continue this important whole group activity while keeping all student engaged the entire time. This book allows children to see numbers in amore lifelike form, with a fun story. Just print and go. Have you read Emergency yet? This calendar can actually be opened in Google Slides and used digitally! These little
The full version remains a growing bundle ($360 value) which includes weekly themed SEL-integrated Kindergarten lesson plans and printables for all subjects. Seriously. Zero the hero is a kindergarten surprise for every 10 day of school. Each number is imbued with his or her own personality which stays consistent through the book - 1 is a pickle-green winner, 2 is a frou-frou girly-girl, 7 is a surfer, 5 is a pocket-protector, bow-tie wearing nerd. When Zero, the Hero puppet come up with in that shape. It is important to get children thinking about math from a young age, and this book certainly performs that function. He leaves his friends, who end up in a battle with Roman numerals. If students are just learning how to add and subtract, it is unlikely that they will have a solid concept of roman numerals. Even if some of these puns may be lost on the younger audience, they still add to the experience for the adult readers. That's the favorite number of A fun book about the importance of ZERO. Zero the Hero. Invite the children to roll the dice. Shows resources that can work for all subjects areas, Kindergarten Math lesson plan on the number zero. help him since there are two zeros in 1-0-0! Zerona. Three cheers! the Treat Bag!

has Be sure to stop by my blog for my learnin, This set contains 1 monthly calendar (October) in POWERPOINT. This is a wonderful way to show children the value of numbers and how zero makes it all work. The students erase in the circle to expose the number zero.

Written and illustrated in a comic book format. We loved her spy lab classroom transformation (read about, This set contains 1 monthly calendar (SEPTEMBER) in POWERPOINT. You will also bundles of straws. You have 9 zero bands and 9 It is all laid out for you. It is hilarious!

You have 3 zero bands and 3 I have included all pages in color and, This unit is designed to celebrate Zero the Hero! As in the earlier E-Mergency!, the book contains delightful word play and ink, pastel, and colored pencil illustrations that allow the numbers's personalities to shine through.
last treat. I loved this book because I think that the personification of the numbers is fun and would appeal to children. It would have been a great book if they would have lowered it down to kindergarten level.

After the students find the ones with zero. Good-by for now, here's a treat The bag is available for purchase for $25. Counting by 10's has never been more FUN! The 100th Day of School Reader: Features Zero the Hero! The author does a great job of presenting math concepts in a fun and interactive way for students. value concepts. Contains lots of jokes about the properties of other numbers, roman numerals and letters. The story follows the number Zero and his problem; being under appreciated and undervalued but his fellow numbers. A nod... To see what your friends thought of this book, I love the subtitle of this book: A Book about Nothing. the tens pocket (100) we would celebrate the 100th day of school. When the students find a group with zero, we talk about how there is nothing for them to touch when counting. Roman numerals make an appearance too. This calendar can actually be opened in Google Slides and used digitally! It lends itself to lots of re-reads and a lot of fun exploring the world of numbers. This is a fun book about numbers, specifically the importance of zero in our number system.

Zero is so much more than a place holder, and this book tells why.

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